Warrior Queen Fighting against Tyranny

As I watched the elections, I was both dismayed and Thrilled to see what happened with the Women winning the elections and on their way to Washington DC.  They call it the “PINK WAVE.”  Even though many of them may have values (nor not), that are totally separate of mine…I was thrilled to see so many women and so many Veterans take this step.

In my continuing research of History, even after college graduation, I found one woman that moved me.  A woman who had become widowed,  and found her daughters violated.  A woman who fought against Tyranny and believed in standing for and Fighting for what you believe it.  She took it a bit further, but regardless her courage was never in question.

BOUDICA was a Widowed/ Warrior Queen who defied the Romans and their patriarchy culture.  Boudica was progressive as a female Leader. She was someone who rallied the Britons to stand up- and follow her into a fight(s), for victory and against Tyranny!