The Meeting with LaVoy that Never Happened

Home in Heaven

We are inviting all who can attend- to Join your Fellow Americans in Eastern Oregon, at the John Day Fairgrounds for a Evening with the Finicum Family and Guest Speakers. Google  “The Meeting with Levoy that never Happened,” Saturday 28 January 2017 from 430 pm to 1030 pm.

Guest Speakers will be Widow of  Rancher Levoy Finicum, Jeanette, and Family and:

Former Army and now Constitutional Lawyer Kris Ann Hall, with Bill Norton, (author and Public Speaker; National Center for Constitutional Studies), Garrett Smith,(Law Firm-and Inter Vivos), Kate Dalley (dancing with the Stars, The Blaze Show), Morgan Philpot,(Political Prisoner Attorney) Trent Loos, (6th Generation USA Farmer and Radio Host-“Loos Tales”).

A Commentary by A Concerned American:  “THE FREE CAPITALIST PROJECT”