SO, Where do we go from here?

As we go into the New Year, I first want to Thank ALL of you who have been following my journey these last 20 plus years. It has been a journey of tears and fears….and a journey of much revelation. Revelations about myself and also about those whom I thought I could trust. Revelations about those who I thought would always be there, and about those who surprised me by standing up and being counted when I thought and yes…even assumed they did Not have what it took.

I remember as a young girl looking up at the sky and asking not…why… but…Why NOT? I was full of dreams, and questions I usually kept buried.

My sister had passed suddenly and un expectantly. Our family was not your normal family ( what family is?) I lived in the shadow of a famous uncle. My mother was very accomplished with talents in so many areas. She was living a life that often was unfair and unrelenting in the challenges it forced upon her.

When other mothers stayed home doing what was expected of them…MY mother (a former model and actress, as well as an accomplished performing musician), did that as well as balancing school, raising five kids for a while by herself, and teaching piano out of our home to supplement the family income. She secured four degrees this way, eventually teaching college for over 40 years, and writing four books!

When our new, and this time Devoted father arrived, he found himself selling his porche to purchase a family station wagon. Baby sis had been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, which was still a unfamiliar hereditary childhood disease to the general public. I was nearly 14 when we lost her due to Mal practice at Children’s Hospital in Oakland California. Our Dad stood by mom and this ready made family in a way, few fathers could ever understand.

Losing Marni Mouse (born on Valentines day), along with the influence of my mother and my (former nurse) Scottish Godmother, eventually led to me spending most of my adulthood in the medical field. I have often asked myself what is my purpose here, and something tells me that it is still ahead of me somehow? I look back and I see time speeding up and I wish I could go back to when I was twenty something and know THEN what I know now. I would have made many of the same decisions, but others…well…lets just say I would have done Some things differently!

Life has a way of bringing people in your life. You hope they will always be there…but often you find that they are there just long enough for you to learn from each other, on your spiritual journey. In some cases you find they are with you the entire journey, and yet others dip in and out as life takes you on what appears to be a roller coaster ride….sometimes with you screaming to get off.

The journalistic world was one I had little glimpses into. I would write and then back off. My self esteem and confidence was not where I was comfortable throwing myself into it in full measure. My military life was part time and then full time and back to part time for over 35 years. Interwoven was my dedication to raising my own five children full time, determined I would not move them around the country, or around the world. I had heard bitter sweet stories, from those who had that upbringing…and I was determined I could not do that to them. As a result…it took me longer to make rank, and to become retired.

For the most part I have no regrets, other then wishing my own now adult children could have a better understanding, without the heartache, what it is parents must go through with no school other then a Crash course in life and parenting. I managed to go to school part time, then full time off and on. Three associates later, And a separate Nursing diploma and License….finally with my youngest graduating high school…I walked receiving my four year degree.

Radio has always been one of my ‘occupational’ loves, although I never have been paid in monetary ways. The payment was in knowing that sometimes I may help someone find their way, or in their knowing they are not alone in what they think or believe, or in choosing the path or voluntarism they will pursue.

I Pray and Hope that this year will find you and yours stronger and more self assured then ever before. I do believe that we are headed for great things to occur. We may not be happy with the political climate and those who are out for serving themselves through the all mighty dollar, but at least we are coming to understand their true motives…..

Lets pray we do get more security in this country, by however means that is possible. America needs to take better care of her own, and Although Charity is very important. Charity should in today’s climate, first begin at home.

Here is to a WONDERFUL Year for you and yours, and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being such an important part of my Extended Family and for your loyalty to “The Concord Show,” And especially to Revolution Radio!