GUESTS-Past & Present

radio station: Professional radio station studio with microphone and other equipment on table flat vector illustration


Jim Aamont– Retired Truck Driver And Farmer- Traveling Patriot and supporter of American interest.

Stephen Bassett-is the Executive director of Paradigm Research Group founded in 1996 to try to end the government imposed embargo on the  subject of  an extraterrestrial presence engaging our human race. Stephen is the executive director of the Paradigm Research Group (PRG) .  In 2013 PRG produced  a “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club.  He is a world renowned  leading advocate and  exopolitical activist.

Chris Briels-(former) FIRE CHIEF – Harney Co./OR

Angie Bundy– Rancher and wife of Ryan Bundy

Carol Bundy-Rancher and wife of Cliven Bundy

Marylynn Bundy– Wife of David Bundy (“Davy ” – pilot & photographer)

Chris Brumbles – Oregon Firearms Federation- Columbia County Coordinator (OR).

John Chambers -Constitutional Instructor. –

Shauna Cox-Author, Patriot & Freewoman /”c4cf ”

Dr. Don Etkes- has over 30 Yrs as a Marriage and Family …as well as Sex Therapist.

Elaine Fleming- Army Veteran; English college instructor, and indigenous cultural advocate                           

 Robert Gile– (Co  Host) Marine Corps Veteran and Computer consultation.

Jim Hoffman– Lead for ” Clatsop County (OR) Republicans” and 3%

Gary Hunt (outpost-of-freedom) Journalist, Researcher & Vietnam Veteran (“Boots on Ground” -Ruby Ridge; Waco & Malheur (Harney County wildlife refuge).

John Lamb-FB/johnlamblastfreeman

Mr. Oliverio  (OLIVE2M)   “Judicial discipline REFORM”  -a study of judges

Holly Olmstead, “What’s all the Fuss about Essential Oils?”                                                                                                                     (Holly is a ” IIN certified health coach, certified Healthscope practitioner) – 1 (480) 462-5422

Kellie (“Patrick”) Rippee;   American Patriot, Constitutional Activist, Sister of Jason Patrick ( P3) Political                                                           Prisoner

Kyle Reardon (“The Last Bastille”)

Joseph Rorie-Freeing oneself from servitude

TJ Schmidt – HSLDA (Home School Advocate-ATL)

Thomas Maddux-13 & 14 Amendment-Common Law

Marine Corps Mac” –  (Co Host) – Marine Corps Veteran – Small Business Owner

Dagny Soule – Scientist, intelligence researcher, successful inventor & Patriot-  (round table)

“W”    Researcher, educator and manager-“Current Affairs”-Researcher for “Caravan To Midnight”

Olive 2 M– Concerned Constitutional Patriot.

Thomas Sayre– Inventor, researcher – investigative journalist and Constitutional Patriot-(round table)

Ron Vrooman: for Beaverton Oversight Committee OR

David Zuniga– Founder of “America First,” & Author- Now also “TACTICAL CIVICS”