GUESTS-Past & Present

radio station: Professional radio station studio with microphone and other equipment on table flat vector illustration

Chris Briels-(former) FIRE CHIEF – Harney Co./OR

Angie Bundy– Rancher and wife of Ryan Bundy

Carol Bundy-Rancher and wife of Cliven Bundy

Marylynn Bundy– Wife of David Bundy (“Davy ” – pilot & photographer)

John Chambers -Constitutional Instructor. –

Shauna Cox-Author, Patriot & Freewoman /”c4cf ”

Dr. Don Etkes- has over 30 Yrs as a Marriage and Family …as well as Sex Therapist.

Elaine Fleming- Army Veteran; English college instructor, and indigenous cultural advocate                           

 Robert Gile– (Co Host) Marine Corps Veteran and Computer consultation.

Gary Hunt (outpost-of-freedom) Journalist, Researcher & Vietnam Veteran (“Boots on Ground” -Ruby Ridge; Waco & Malheur (Harney County wildlife refuge).

John Lamb-FB/johnlamblastfreeman

Mr. Oliverio  (OLIVE2M)   “Judicial discipline REFORM”  -a study of judges

Holly Olmstead, “What’s all the Fuss about Essential Oils?”                                                                                                                     (Holly is a ” IIN certified health coach, certified Healthscope practitioner) – 1 (480) 462-5422

Kellie (“Patrick”) Rippee;   American Patriot, Constitutional Activist, Sister of Jason Patrick ( P3) Political                                                           Prisoner

Kyle Reardon (“The Last Bastille”)

Joseph Rorie-Freeing oneself from servitude

TJ Schmidt – HSLDA (Home School Advocate-ATL)

Thomas Maddux-13 & 14 Amendment-Common Law

Marine Corps Mac” –  (Co Host) – Marine Corps Veteran – Small Business Owner

Dagny Soule – Scientist, intelligence researcher, successful inventor & Patriot-  (round table)

“W”    Researcher, educator and manager-“Current Affairs”-Researcher for “Caravan To Midnight”

Olive 2 M– Concerned Constitutional Patriot.

Thomas Sayre– Inventor, researcher – investigative journalist and Constitutional Patriot-(round table)

Ron Vrooman: for Beaverton Oversight Committee OR

David Zuniga– Founder of “America First,” & Author- Now also “TACTICAL CIVICS”