American (& World) NEWS As of 7/3/17

“Part of Funding the government is making sure we keep an eye on the debt” (Spicer)

 3 JULY 2017

Republicans are asking to repeal Obama Care and later replace it. They need to focus on repeal and come together later to find a better Health care policy.

9 US States did not make budget.  New Jersey and Maine are just two of those in trouble.

FIRST Female Governor in IOWA Gov Kim Reynolds –

2 Republicans are running for Iowa’s governor Primary in 2018.

Zack Woods a student says that students are finding themselves having their free speech infringed upon; by free speech rules set by schools and  areas set aside on University and college campus’s where one can only there voice ones thoughts.

Senator believes that Free speech should be

“Within the law” Diane Feinstein

She thinks that Free speech and Public safety are related???


Friday July 6, the G-20 Summit will be in Germany and President Trump will be meeting with German Leadership prior to .

Trump will be meeting with those at the Summit to further discuss the Issues and challenges with North Korea.  Meeting at the WH with Newly elected South Korea President went well.

French Mosque:  two gunman open fire leaving 8 injured.

Swedish music festival  with 45,000 attendees every year will be cancelled for 2018, in wake of reports of 4 rapes and many molestation’s this year.

Italy threatens to block NGO Ships.  Germany, France and Italy are meeting to discuss growing migrant crisis.

Colombian Rebel Leader suffers a stroke and is hospitalized.

Japan PM’s Party suffers Massive Defeat in Tokyo Election

Hearings concluded regarding the 2013 massacre in Egypt-

20 sentenced to Death. 34 people are sentenced to 15 years in jail. 80 people have been sentenced to Life in prison, and a Minor to 10 years behind bars.


TRITON ISLAND….is in the South China Sea. China says that a US Ship coming within 12 nautical miles is a threat to their sovereignty. Vietnam claims it is their island…..

 From Canada, and a “Concord show” listener:

“Let their be no doubt that Trudeau is a Globalist bought and paid for by George Soros.  Now he wants to bring the criminals Trump has thrown out of the US into Canada to cause the same problems he has created throughout Europe.  Welcome to Canada its different here…yeah right!

  The reason Trump is so effective is because he comes from outside the political arena where both the left and the right have been bought and paid for by the Globalists for the last 40 years.  We should all be writing the Liberals demanding this be overturned.
Amazingly the bought and paid for media have little to report or say on this.  Canada … Land of the Free …. home of the Mafia, Child Porn, Human Trafficking and ever other major crime while Canadians sit back and suck on their Lollipops.  Never been more ashamed to be a Canadian.