Malheur- is “French for misfortune or tragedy”

Shortly after the peaceful civil protest against Federal corruption, land theft and destruction of peoples livelihoods and families; I started doing some research.

What I found about this “government of the people and by the people,” is that many of our local and state governments have been corrupted. Often by the Federal Government lobbyists, and our elected and appointed officials.  Many have had money, power and prestige influence them away from truly serving the people, in exchange for serving themselves and their co-conspirators.

We have been lied to and fooled for over 170 years. What I found out about the land theft of our private and public lands, has been going on unchecked and many times without the understanding of the people at large. What happened in Bunkerville, in Grants Pass Oregon, and in Malheur is nothing short of criminal and tragic.

This is affecting every aspect of our lives.

I will be sending forth more in depth information on Malhaur (in Harney County, OR) in the weeks ahead.