MAGGIE’s thoughts

“They remain part of the problem by refusing to become part of the solution. The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate. “– Dr. Wayne Dyer


Some have asked why I do what I do? It is because my former beliefs and opinions over time, have evolved. This is part of ones growth experience. Combined with life experiences and facts, I have developed convictions that what true patriot volunteers and/or activist are doing is right and true. A conviction is what can evolve or develop from your prior beliefs or opinions. A conviction is part of who you are. Your values, principals and morals. It is part of your core as a human or spiritual being.

We are “Domestic Terrorist”(?) (liberal speak)

Call it activism or not. They say that we now have a “Target” on us. My answer is that when years ago I volunteered as a 18 year old for the military, I unknowingly inherited becoming that possible “Target.” Of earning an inflammatory and untrue label as a domestic terrorist. It does not matter that I was a medic or nurse intent on helping the physically wounded, or those wounded of mind and spirit. It does not matter what military occupational specialty (MOS) we held, or what your “Rating” was….or how old you are now; as long as you served and are considered a veteran, you are considered by TBTB as a threat to their agenda(s).

(Henry Kissinger called military soldiers, “dumb animals.”)

Why? Decades later I find that the powers to be, (including  our own government and, seldom discussed known shadow governments), have labelled veterans, Christians and conservatives, libertarians and others as “domestic terrorists.” (This is because we hold Freedom AND Security to be so near an dear to us, as the very air we breathe). This while they want us to turn on each other as well as minorities, the majority of them peaceful and non violent.  This while they visit fear and terror (and Murder), on  ranchers, farmers, veterans, landowners, homeschoolers and others. So, tell me really…just WHOM are the “domestic Terrorist?”

Social Engineering

This is not a conspiracy theory or fantasy. This is real. This is happening. They are the ones like cockroaches hiding in the shadows, and sometimes up front and center; they conspire to take down America and other governments around the world. The “Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto,” by Karl H. Marx ( 1848), is a prime example of how they have succeeded here in America. It will only get worse if we don’t take a stand AS a People and don’t let them divide us racially or culturally.

One of the ways they do this is by social engineering. And by dividing or pitting cultures, races and religions against each other.  They spout that it acceptable to murder unborn babies that are 4 to 9 months in their mothers protective womb, because it is inconvenient, or ill timed to be pregnant. Truth is, it is financially profitable and helps in their goal of depopulation.  The dumbing down of our society started generations ago in our high schools, colleges and Universities. They started on the (then) future teachers. This is one of the “ten planks.”

They now are working on this in many of our federally funded “Head Start” (pre-k) programs, aimed at the lower social economic populous. In our federally ‘funded’ public/ government- elementary and High  schools, they now give our kids tests and survey’s. It is reported they are having the children sign a ‘contract’ that they will not reveal to their parents what questions were asked on the test or survey. They are asking questions of the children about family habits and beliefs. Will these be the next ‘Hitler’ type youth, taught that society believes that individual freedom and expressions of individualism are unacceptable? Sounds like some of the Futuristic movies we have seen from Hollywood.

Social engineering, and desensitization and/or dumbing down of the populous to accept the eroding of freedoms, and gradual constraints to control them, as you see fit. Desensitization is when one becomes indifferent to certain situations going on in your community, country or around the world.

They play us like the ‘frog in boiling water,’ scenario. Taking away our birth rights and freedoms by increments so you don’t feel it until it is nearly, or IS too late.

Divide a country by instigating and creating fear, towards those whom they do not know or understand. Put instigators in our mist to cause us to turn on each other. Let someone bleed a bit, and the shark frenzy feeding begins.

Are We the next Rome?

A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand,….even a family” (Taylor-Tara, in the movie “Heaven Sent“), speaking to her earthly mother Maire Taylor.  This can also be said for a country, a Nation.

IF WE THE PEOPLE of these united STATES OF AMERICA, do not get it together and find where we have commonality, and reverse the trends that are tearing us apart… IF we don’t wake up thoroughly to see how many of us ARE being manipulated like mice and rats in a laboratory, we will fall as a nation like  other nations in the past. And like many now are being manipulated. We need to use our brains, gather heart and courage and walk up to that curtain and pull it back. We need to expose the people behind the curtain, and in the shadows pulling the levers on the world stage; some even engineering human genocide and social upheaval.

They are suppose to Work for us WE THE PEOPLE. But they (including many Bank CEO’s and corporations and some intel agencies, are about power, money and greed…which includes’ Land Grabs.’ They use words such as “federal,” and “sustainability,” to lure us into a false sense of complacency.

They do this not just here in the uSA  but also around the world. Manipulating peoples, governments and cultures. It is a game to them, but to us it is a matter of survival and living as we were intended to live- as FREE and prosperous individuals and communities. Not having what we have earned to be taken from us, and divided amongst those who do not want to (and can) work or contribute. Nor, should we have the fruits of our labor stolen and given to the elitist who think they are above us, as they get wealthier from the blood, sweat and tears of our people.

This has occurred for centuries around the world, but I would like to think that we as humans would have evolved to a point where we were not like the barbarians in our history. What happens in our inner cities with the crime and murder rates; and what happened to Levoy Finicum by bored, trigger happy or corrupt agencies, unfortunately reflects that we haven’t “Come a long way Baby!”

Divide and Conquer

When they want something, similar to the old railroad barons of yesterday, they just take it. Or they manipulate and drag us into financial ruin and/or bankruptcy. Or by forcing us to try to ‘legally’ defend ourselves in their manipulated ‘jurisdictions,’ or kangaroo courts.

They know our funds have limit. They use unlimited funds, by using our tax dollars against us.  They add rules and regulations without our knowledge or consent, with no balanced oversight. They violate our Rights to “Due Process.  They are the Fox in charge of the hen house.  They violate human rights, and state rights, with many outright ignoring or laughing in the face of state and American Constitution’s. They make money from privatized jails and prisons. The communication companies in leading telephone companies are under contract with the prison systems, to outrageously bleed the families and friends by collect calls. Put money in the commissary accounts of Political Prisoners and others around the country, and see how much money you pay for every $20.00 you put in. Family members and prisoners have asked for accountability for many funds…that go into a deep hole with no accountability. People are in prison that do not belong there, for having done nothing more then stand up for their rights, file briefs and/or redress their government “employees”  for stealing…and having their right to ‘Due Process,’ denied. Some have been “set up” by  state and federal employees that want to have a “case” created to  justify continued existence, or administrative favor,or upward mobility. The fact they are destroying lives, and families is of little importance to them. They are numb to it, in the quest for job security.

Many of those incarcerated, especially our political prisoners are physically harmed by US Marshalls and others.  They are given ‘diesel therapy’ to keep them away from defense attorney’s, or family and friend contact. Denied meals and then often offered food you would not feed your dog. Speedy trials “Denied” and even told whom they cannot have as (Bar) attorney’s or “Officers of the court,” represent them. State and “Federal” Judges won’t allow the word “Constitution” to be brought into the courtroom nor words from the Bible, which many of American values and principles are taken from. TPTB know that they will do all in their power to get that “98% conviction” rate, by hook or crook, even suppressing evidence and witness that could turn the tide for the defense.

Control the land, you control the food, thereby controlling the people.  Some of the so called “environmentalists” are too blind to see they are being used for the “New World Agenda,” for world domination.

The Brits, many of them woke up and saw the writing on the wall, and began to take back their country. They saw what was happening to their neighbors like Germany.

Our Birth Rights, our liberties and Freedoms are under attack by “The Powers that Be,” all in the name of World Domination, or “Globalism.”

Many labelled or “targeted” are being suppressed, marginalized and imprisoned, to put fear in others to not stand up and redress our governments for abuses and grievancesThese “activists” are heroes and heroines.

I found a website that states:

This website will be of value to all activists and is created in the spirit of solidarity and common ground between all people working for a free, just and sustainable society. Activists are people who seek to create positive change. But not all people who work for change define themselves as activists.

It is important to go beyond the stereotypes of activists that are often deliberately generated to discredit and marginalize people who protest. This site recognizes that activism includes the positive and courageous actions of ordinary people in their daily lives.

Activists not criminals

Importantly, this website recognizes that activists are people who want to create positive and peaceful change. Activists are not violent, anti-social or criminals. Although there are diverse perspectives on activist tactics and how to create real change, activists are not violent people. Nor do activists willingly create violence. Overwhelmingly, activists work to prevent or reduce violence in society and work in ways to minimize harm to people.”

Volunteering is alive and well worldwide.

Many do not get paid for they do. They step forward when their community, neighbors, or country calls them. They and their families understand that the price of Freedom is giving of their physical beings and resources to give a help up, not intending to give perpetual handouts.

We should not be spoon fed the controlled news, by those that may not have the good of the whole on their agenda. Some may think they will be the favored or privileged few, if they assist in pushing and forcing us towards a “One World Order.” They may wake up one day to a rather unpleasant surprise, once they have outlived their usefulness.

We are each responsible asking the hard questions, doing our own research, and  being involved for the betterment of our societies. Do not listen to the person or persons behind the curtain.

We are a blend of cultures and traditions, from different upbringings and life experiences that make us who we are at this moment in time. Not all were raised in a “Leave it to Beaver” Household. We have beliefs and opinions that can be influenced at any moment by others; new ideas, positive or negative experiences. This shapes us as individuals, as a community, as a people or culture, depending where in the world we live and the current landscape. We humans are on a journey of growth, and many on a spiritual path of discovery.

We must strive not to force our personal lifestyles or beliefs upon others (with threats of rejection or violence). Rather towards a goal to keep open the lines of communication for the Free exchange of thoughts and ideas, and speech and of the Press. Some have very strong, convictions’ (stronger then a belief or opinion). This should not instigate fear or Reprisal.

Some people spend hours trying to educate the populous, encouraging them to not take what we present as the gospel or only ‘Truth(s), but to take the time to ask questions and research for themselves. One must follow what resonates with them as individuals. Many presenters are aware of true conspiracies to take away our Freedoms, that we believe are inherent Rights (not privileges).

Remember Your History

By speaking out or peacefully demonstrating when we are being ignored or marginalized; we are not conspiring to bring harm to property/ others/or our nation. It is unfortunate that we have instigators that do the opposite or are paid to do thus.

We do believe that there are PTB that have agenda’s that go against the grain of freedom loving people. Many of us believe it is our duty and moral obligation to question, and expose if need be,  and oppose the control and greed of those that are part of group/organizational/ or personal agenda’s that threaten our birth rights as a free people. This is not a crisis just in our own nation, but around the world.

Many spend hours researching all angles, and viewpoints; understanding that we may not all agree in whole or in part…or at all- on certain issues or concerns.

We hope that as a people that we will set aside fears, and be willing to step out of our comfort zone to speak out- and also to ask the hard questions, demand honesty and transparency.

Remember Martin Niemöller  who was a German Lutheran pastor and theologian.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Perhaps being flexible enough to be open minded to other approaches or ideas to life’s challenges, and developing and using good communication/listening skills to hear others out. One can use the “T” approach as a method of developing a free flowing exchange, which would be to the benefit of all groups and individuals.

We don’t need to agree or conform to another’s view of the world, in order to get along. Understanding the actual definitions of ‘belief,’ ‘opinion,’ vs ‘conviction’ is important in your individual journeys; spiritual, political or other.

Sincerely, Maggie Rose