Like a PHOENIX with its wings slightly singed…the USA and POUS TRUMP will Prevail. WOMAN from YUGOSLAVIA- Her Dire Warning to AMERICA~if we do not Heed. POUS TRUMP Can’t do it alone!

THIS WOMAN was from YUGOSLAVIA….SHE Shares what happened in HER home country and wants us to SEE and KNOW how close we are coming to the same here. CAN it happen HERE!….It already is…UNLESS WE STOP it and STOP IT NOW! This Video was made Just before the NOV 2020 Election. Her words were a Prediction of what happens when we are Lazy and fall asleep at the wheel.



There is a story in the bible that my good and faithful friend, “W” reminded me of. JEHU is a story we could all well revisit.

Good Does overcome Evil. Right now “We” here in the USA and around the world, are feeling down, discouraged, and I count myself in that. But suddenly someone I trust and admire reminded me of my spiritual convictions. I AM a Spiritual being. I am not Religious. There is a difference.

Many of us have lost friends, and even “Family” who turned on us for our beliefs and more so our even Stronger CONVICTIONS of what we KNEW in our Hearts and SOULS to be true.

I have been disowned, discarded and tossed away like yesterdays household waste. People who are my friends are closer to me now, then ‘blood’ relations. They are the ones I can trust to not judge, condemn. Even though we may not agree on all matters…they do not use politics to destroy relationships that could grow stronger and flourish. Many a night I turned on the hot water, and cried into the bubbles floating on the surface. Then I realized the bubbles were on the Surface. They were floating, just as we can and should be. I was reminded by another friend of the poem “Footprint’s” (in the sand) We are being carried. Just because we can’t see whom is lifting us up, and carrying us to safety, does not mean they do not exist. Faith (and prayer) is the Key.

We as a World People need to hang on to Hope and Faith. My godmother once gave me a birthday card when I was a wee one. It had a little plastic bubble on the front and inside was a mustard seed. My mother later gave me a necklace with a round clear ball. She had received it from her favorite Music teacher in Berkley California. Inside is a tiny mustard seed. I then saw that the universe was again gently reminding me.

We need to have “FAITH” as in a mustard seed…

I have been for years vocal about my convictions. A belief can be changed like you change your clothes. Someone can come along, and after much debate or discussion or even life experiences….even manipulations against you…can change your belief system. OR as you grow older and more wise due to life experiences your beliefs may evolve and change….either for positive or not so.

But a “Conviction” is as steadfast as you knowing the Sun will come out tomorrow, even if overshadowed by clouds between us and the sun.

One definition of the word “Conviction” is not just what is decided in a court.

CONVICTION: A Firmly held Belief or opinion. The quality of showing that one is firmly convinced of what one believes or says.”

I AM Firm in my Conviction that POUS Donald J. Trump….will be our President in the very Near future.

And GOD will continue to BLESS a Trusting and Faithful America, using POUS Trump to guide us as teammates through the Storms we face as a Nation and as A World.