Letters to Jason ( Patrick)

We met Jason Patrick in 2015 at the Peaceful Stand for Due Process and the Constitution at the “Sugar Pine,” in Grants Pass OREGON. Many of us traveled from all over the United States to stand together against the Federal (BLM/Dept of Forestry) Land Grabs.

Jason was assigned the job of Public relations. He did this as well in Eastern Oregon during the stand against abuses towards Ranchers and Land owners nation wide.  Again, Jason was public relations and spokesperson. Obviously we have speech police, who tried to say that he was a domestic terrorist for his peaceful stand against tyranny.

Jason has been politely but firmly vocal about his rights and the selective enforcement that so may of us witnessed in the courtroom, when the Jury and even the Prosecution were late to the opening of the court.  Jason’s train was a few minutes late, and he was the only one raked over for his tardiness.

Soon to retire (judge) Anna Brown….does not like his “attitude” so instead of following the law….she is choosing to keep him incarcerated. And with no bond.  His “Sentencing” is scheduled  for November 2017.  This is retaliatory just as it is towards the Lawyer Marcus Mumford who also spoke out against the judge and US Marshals using their position to neglect or abuse the laws in this nation. They are now trying to prevent him from practicing Law in any Federal courts.

Please drop a postcard or letter to Jason Patrick # 795104 to   11540 NE Inverness Drive  – Portland OREGON 97220/   

Nice clean paper with no marks or stains, no Layers, no stickers including the return address. Keep away from card stock.   

There is a video his sister Kellie does every four days. Each time you will see a write up on “THE JASON PATRICK PROJECT”



” I, his sister, have a video visit with him about every four days.  Each time I have a visit you will find a short write up about it at the facebook page The Jason Patrick Projecthttps://www.facebook.com/The-Jason-Patrick-Project-439936792870029/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE&fref=nf

Jason really appreciates the generosity to his commissary.  The highlight of his week is a miniature personal size pizza that is delivered on Sundays.
http://www.touchpayonline.com/    – Corrections tab, Multnomah County, Commissary, #795104

http://www.securustech.net/ is the site you use to create an account if you’d like to set up video visits or cheap phone calls.  Video visits are $5 for a half hour that you schedule 24 hours in advance. Phone calls you put up to $50 on the account and then mail him your phone number and he calls out to you.  Phone calls to us are $3.50 for 15min.  Much better than the $15 for 15 minutes if he calls you without this prepay account set up.

He appreciates books – they must be sent direct from a store on line or brick and mortar.  Amazon has been fine.  He doesn’t currently have any on his request list but I know people have read something they enjoy and so have sent it to him.

The next couple of paragraphs are straight from the facebook page.  Refer to that page, if you or others want Jason’s take at what is happening.  It breaks it down to it’s point and minimum.
The Jason Patrick Project They are discussing restitution. The Government is asking for $900,000 restitution from the group at large of those who either plead guilty or were found guilty by a jury. With this ask everyone is tied together and no one is free from it until the entire $900,000 is paid. HOWEVER, the prosecution has presented a deal (that a judge can CHOOSE to sign off on or not at whim) in that IF ALL defendants agree to it then they will be separated. Most culpable with be paying $10,000 restitution and less culpable would pay $3,000. Each is responsible for their own amount. There are lots of pros and cons involved both ways. As I see it, the biggest pro to making the deal is that the amount is pretty much guaranteed to be less than what the judge would otherwise rule. The biggest con to making the deal is that the government is relieved of any and all burden of proof.
Oh goodness: Jason discussed some of the restitution discovery with his attorney. Apparently they (The Federal Government/BLM) “remodeled everything” and it’s all part of the “discovery.” They Bought three (or more) new off road vehicles at $65,000 each. Remodeled the bathroom to the tune of $45,000, new computers at $26,000 and $17,000 for employee identity theft protection. That’s just the part I caught.His non-release hearing Jason talked again of the hearing where the judge was going to release him before and she said, “that was before I read the statute.” The statute reads “clear and convincing evidence,” as in the clear and convincing describes the evidence not the state of mind of the judge. The attorney says that all the evidence says. . . and the judge says, “yeah, but I’m not convinced.”Oh get this: The guard was commenting on and confirming that Jason is in the county jail on a federal hold. Which means he can’t have work detail. Jason says, “you can’t hire me anyway, haven’t you heard I’m unemployable?” Guard got a good laugh on that one.  This is also in reference to the judge stating from the bench that she’s pretty sure he is unemployable “