Thank You to the C.S.C Media Group USA for providing US this on Youtube

Published on Aug 6, 2016

Included In This Is Full Length Presentation Is

John Wayne’s “Pledge Of Allegiance”…

Clips From His 1976 BBC Interview On His Boat

John Wayne’s “Face The Flag”…

John Wayne’s “America”…

John Wayne’s Comments On Liberals…

“And A Special Thanks To Warner Bros Entertainment For Allowing Me To Use A Clip From One Of Their Movies!”

“A Nation of men rather than laws is called a democracy. Democracy never lasts long; as the people through internal greed, envy, and moral corruption create divisiveness amongst it’s people for the purposes of destroying eternal rights.”
“First the Duke, Then Reagan, and now Trump. All three of them driving liberals crazy. Love it.”
“Hi Kenny – one million thumbs up to you! You are so right!”
“globalists take note”
“so wonderful. God bless America again. Glory to our God.”
“I just found my new ring tone!!! THANK’S DUKE and GOD BLESS YA”