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Over the years we have heard about neighbors, friends or family choosing to homeschool. And we have seen a great deal of backlash from some teachers unions and others in this regards. We are hoping that here, on the “Concord show,” that we will be able to present more guests who are involved in the homeschooling community.

We want to educate and inspire. Some want to know why some choose homeschooling over private schools; charter or public “federally” government run and controlled schools. The reasons are many, and vary from child to child and family to family. Many families and community groups ban together for support and for exchange of ideas how to better homeschool. This is to give their young people opportunities we seldom find any longer in federally run schools, due to lack of money or concern.

Parents are sometimes feeling like sending Johnny or Susie off to ‘public’ school is like sending them to a glorified babysitter. Some feel they are abdicating their responsibilities to make sure their offspring learn the true basics of their countries history and sciences, and classical education. Some want to homeschool for religious freedom, to teach with biblical foundation as part of the curriculum.

Parents are reporting that their young people, are not allowed to bring home books to study, due to school district financial constraints.  Educational Field trips are almost a thing of the past. Art and music programs are being cut, or done away with altogether. Some concerns are about administrative or societal pressure, to force young people to become part of the social engineering of special interest groups.

Students are being told ‘what’ to think. Social pressure brought to bear if they don’t ‘conform,’ to the situational landscape that is being imposed on the group as a whole. In some cases, Individualism is frowned on and suspect. “Thinking outside the box and using real critical thinking skills, is sometimes taboo”(D. Young).

This sometimes goes beyond secondary education. Young people in middle and High school are pressured to learn to test, instead of learning for success and advancement.” Or you must sometimes regurgitate what the instructor, or administration as a whole believe, if you want to pass the course successfully”(Michael R. UC Davis).

Publicly run (funded by government) schools must meet a quota. Some are put on the hotplate to turn out high test scores, rather then the importance of the kids to remember what they learned. All Individuals have different learning styles. Some by listening only. Others by observing and/or manual hands on or manipulative practice. Some memorize easily and others of us are more challenged, and must do repetitive learning.

Young people are often pushed through the system. If they have Learning disabilities, and so do not memorize well, or test take well…fall between the cracks and not allowed to graduate from High School. Those with (individual education plans) IEP’s in secondary schools, are pushed out the door after their senior year, with few to little resources to see them into adulthood.

Some teachers in elementary, middle and high schools, are reported to be “irritated” by a child who is slower to learn at a certain pace prescribed. This sets them up to feel like failures. Some teachers feel that they have to ‘slow’ down their teaching style to conform to ‘that child.’ The child or student feels the resentment of the teachers and/or other students.

Later they learn that even community colleges, (some teachers), and trade schools will not be so compassionate, understanding nor tolerant. So they don’t attend, or drop out and/or drift.  Sometimes the “accommodations” beyond high school, offered by colleges and universities, are reported to not meet the needs of learning challenged individuals. Individuals who want to learn, succeed, and be self sufficient, and contribute to society.

This again, is why homeschooling is a good option for a young person that needs to have re enforcement or ‘one on one,’ or learn at a slower pace. To not feel pressured to learn at a pace that is not natural. If one is able to be home with, or have a family or friend homeschool their child…it is a win/win for that child or children.

Overseas in many countries it is ‘illegal’ to homeschool. Parents can’t afford to send their children to private schools.

Parents are becoming increasingly concerned over the intrusions into their private lives by their own governments here and abroad. “Children being given surveys and told not to tell their parents what is in them. Kids being given ‘contracts’ to sign that state they can not tell their parents or family members what was asked on the survey’s” (S.Lee), or “exams” given under Common core or other “testing.”

This is teaching deception.  This is lack of transparency at its very core. Our history (WWII) taught us this was a common ploy, where the young people in Germany were told they had to join the “Hitler youth.” And they were bribed or threatened to turn in their families members for all kinds of reasons.

We find now, many school districts in some states here in the united States of America, are having to be more supportive of these homeschool choices. But still it is reported that some find ways to insert themselves into the family lives in intrusive ways; in order to maintain some kind of control, and microscope into family lives. In many states students are still not able to participate in after school sports, or activities in their communities.

In the current landscape; not only here in the uSA, but also around the world parents and families are under attack for choosing this homeschooling option for their children. Their children are being stripped from their parents loving arms. Families are torn apart.  In Germany it is illegal to homeschool. Some have left their home countries in order to homeschool and/or have educational, or religious freedoms that all should be able to enjoy as a birthright. Some are fined, cited or arrested. In Sweden a boy was taken off a plane and his parents stripped of their parental rights. To this day they are not able to ever see him again.

We as a people here and abroad, should be outraged that governments and social service agencies are allowed to do this, with no concern about the rights and freedoms of its people.

Students learn  by re-enforcement of what is learned that day. This means study and homework. Practice and re-enforcement of lessons learned. Memorizing and learning to research.

Many of the teachers that we met in recent years, did not want to give out homework. The reasons were thus: “why give out homework, if only half my class brings it back?” Or another one; “many of my kids come from single parent families that don’t even eat together, let alone care if they have homework. Why should I bother and chase those kids down to comply? I don’t get paid overtime past school final bell to correct those papers at home anyway.”

Some teachers would not even once or twice a year come, after school with the principal or Special ed teacher and school counselor to go over a child’s IEP or discuss how to make their student more successful in class. They felt they did not get paid past 3pm, so instead would leave for a sports event or home.

Administrations and teachers buck the idea of homeschooling, giving reasons of: ‘the parents are not educated enough to teach,’ ‘not capable of teaching the way we teach,’ or ‘how do we know that they are Really teaching to standard?’

(Do we really want to teach according to the social engineering standards, that are pushed? Do we really want our kids to be told you have to accept a standard of living, or values that may not be what your family hold close…or that YOU the student may even want to adopt?)

Do we really want to give up our responsibility and duty to learn, and our young people to learn the real history of our country and the world….or the watered down versions or spins of a false narrative? If we can’t get our government run Institutions to get back to teaching the basics of Reading, writing or arithmetic, without expecting all young people to learn at the same pace and style… or fail? Common Core is reported to be trying to make all kids learn at the same pace and alike. To expect them to learn the same, is akin to forcing round pegs into square holes.

Children have become a very clear financial commodity,’ and even right here in the uS of A. It is the almighty tax dollar that is the main reason for some not wanting parents to homeschool. For every boy and girl that is sitting in a federally funded (public) school…the state and the school districts get X amount of dollars. If the young person is sick or absent….this greatly is reduced.

They are exploited and used by the very system that is to assure them their own rights. We talk about the rights of the unborn child. But what also about the rights of the child to have his family teach him to think for himself, outside the box? To be able to question and come to his or her own conclusions, to be able to make well informed decisions? Not to be part of the Mobocracy or group think, that the PTB want in their social engineering for globalization of a NWO?

As we have stated before, one of the “Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx, is to corrupt our institutions of higher learning with the ideologies of their agendas. This very insidiously starts in many of our elementary and secondary schools. Many teachers of today, know nothing else then how they were indoctrinated.

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