Holding ourselves and Others – Accountable

I was asked  one day, if I will ever just stop what I Am doing?  Will I just decide to let others ‘fight the good fight’ and go fishing or camping with my family, and let others step to the plate.

First of all, I will Not stop! Not while there is breathe in my body.  This is a team effort. If we step back, if we assume that others will take the ball and run with it; hoping that they will get to the finish line…then we are lost as a people, as a society and as a country.  No one person wins or loses the game. Thing is…this IS no game.  We are fighting for the very survival of our country, our way(s) of life.

We must as a people, wake up those masses that are still asleep. Many are in denial, or are just too afraid to speak up or speak out.  They are afraid to have what happened to Bill Cooper, Ted , Mark or even Levoy, happen to them.

Some have told me that they have “nothing to hide,” so don’t mind giving up basic freedoms as long as they are left alone. Others have said that they are “Seniors” and don’t concern themselves with what is happening. Others of all ages have no concern for our future generations, as “I won’t be here to see it.” Others are more absorbed with the here and now and have in anger said to me “I Just DON’T Care! ” ….often adding for us just to go away.

Many of us though are calling out the Alarm!

What they are seeing is the  very clever orchestration of divide and conquer. If we choose to listen to others who say, ‘he MUST of done something wrong to end up in jail…..’ then we are lost as a people.  Many refuse to believe there are conspiracies out there….and this is sad. Perhaps they don’t understand, truly understand what the word means?  They Want to ‘trust’ in their government.  S0 it shakes their comfort zone to have anyone  attempt to show them a narrative, that does not fit into their careful and ‘safe’ little cocoon they have woven for themselves.

What so many of us are observing, is the infighting going on within the Patriot community. We have finger pointing at those who are are perceived to be potential whistle blowers, in order to discredit them.  This so attention is called off those who are the undercover or paid informants.

Some individuals are vying for Leadership, a following or … Ratings and a higher listener ship; and/or to generate income; who gossip and badmouth others.  There is so much jealousy from those that want to be the only ones heard, seen and followed.

There are some street journalist that have really shown the sacrifices they have made  in giving up their personal lives, or put their personal lives on hold. Others have spent thousands in helping other supporters, or paying for court filings and other financial sacrifices, that you the public will never know or understand.

Yet, others  have stolen patriot equipment and monies.  Many are becoming infamous with threats and inflammatory statements that are irresponsible and attention or “Rating” seeking.

We need this to stop. We need to have calm heads prevail. We need to work within the system. Violence has no room here. Violence like they visited on Ryan Bundy, Veronica, Shauna and the assassination of Robert Levoy Finicum that January 2016 day. We do Not need to return violence in kind.

We must continue to Pray that those who are in uniform will see the errors of their ways. We must pray that others will come forward and say enough is enough…just like that federal employee did that day on the road in Bunkerville…..“I did not come here to do this…..I did not come here for this….”

This while his co workers were beating up and tazing men,  and body slamming/ throwing women face down on to the ground.  Do not forget the BLM cattle rustling and their killing of innocent cattle and their calves. And out of sight of those not allowed close enough to know, the Federal authorities and their hirelings, burying those same defenseless cattle in the high desert of Clark County, Nevada.

We need people to come together with the common goals and dreams to put our country back on track.

Some men and woman are starting off meaning well…but finding profit in going from one crisis to another, end up throwing others under the bus, or setting them up to take a fall.  Others are crisis actors creating incidents to generate credibility with the Feds, and then turning in those who were part of their entrapment. Still others are being paid by the Feds to go undercover and “Report” if they see anything going wrong.  Others are actually planting items to set up innocent individuals. This is called entrapment.   The Fake “Documentary Film crew,” calling themselves Longbow…..sucked many good families and individuals in.

Unknowingly, concerned American Patriots spoke bravado ‘words’ and emotions were expressed  to the undercover FBI, who were looking for a way to build a case, to save face by sending them to jail. One for 68 years  ( Greg B), and then the prison refusing to treat his diabetes and allowing him to go blind.  The FBI posing as a film documentary crew, tricked the Bundy family and Greg.  They had plied him with Alcohol, and and then pushed him into saying things that they considered a potential threat. Is this going to prison for something you have NOT Done?  Reminds me of Tom Cruise in the Movie……“The Minority Report.”

They have to have a conviction. They pride themselves in having 98% “success rate.” It matters not if a person is actually innocent. They will even withhold the evidence from “Discovery.” This was seen in Both the Portland, OR and Las Vegas, Nevada Kangaroo Trials.

They  were seen by many as using a old standby, The “Throw down” on ROBERT LEVOY FINICUM.  The Drone showed us this, as did a body cam.  At least nine individuals alone, in one location stood in a hotel around a computer playing it over and over, before the feds found out and pulled it off You-tube and cut and pasted, that scene removed. But it was seen by many.  Some were expert in recognizing what they were witnessing…and this true scene, can not be a narrative re-written.

So many small business owners, ranchers, miners, farmers and others are calling out the alarm.  Are you going to stop and listen…REALLY listen to the sound of the train in the distance…..or look UP instead of down …to see the smoke in the distance coming your direction.

Now is the time to start asking questions of yourself and each other.  Can we count on the fact that those in authority are of good intentions…or does ‘absolute power, corrupt absolutely?’

We Must be weary of those who tout themselves as ‘leaders’ ( self professed) acting like dictators who play the huddle; ‘we are more important and should be the only ones really in the’ know’ game. If it is a team effort, then we as ‘Volunteers’ have the right to be kept in the complete communication loop at all times about all things.

Yes, we are aware that our jobs, churches and organizations and even patriot groups are infiltrated by ‘actors’ that want to upset the cart. They want to ‘create’ a scene where they can move in and shut down freedoms that should be ours to enjoy.   Freedom of speech and thought is only dead, if you permit them to play us like pawns on their chess board.

It is time for each and everyone of us over the age of 16 to work together to get people out and involved in our communities.  We can start with our school districts. We can attend city hall meetings. We can start a neighborhood watch group.  We can write letters and have them hand delivered with a signed receipt that it Was received. Date and time Stamped is the best form of documentation.  We can Take a Stand for our counties, State and Federal  concerns.  Most important we need to document all that is said and what is or is not done.  If you don’t keep a journal or diary, you can use a calendar, which is considered a document recognized in a courtroom.

We need to hold ourselves individually accountable, as well as others accountable.

Communication and pulling together as a group or groups and making sure your voice is heard over and over.  In the end we will prevail to make our elected and appointed leaders, and all local, state and federal authorities “held Accountable” ( Cliven Bundy).

NOW is the time to “Take a Stand” ( Robert Levoy ) and speak out. Tomorrow WILL be too late!

“Maggie” (ds)

Please watch this Video. Michele is very clear about what is happening……and we just need to “Follow The Money!”