GORSUCH ( Judge)- notes from his speech 3/20/17

Watching the Introduction that Judge N. Gorsuch made before the public was “heartwarming,” and appeared to touch many sitting around and observing 3000 miles away. Below is only a small part of what was taken from his speaking to the country.


Senator Kennedy of Louisiana, says he wants “a judge that’s a cross between Socrates and Dirty Harry….”       “I guess what I want is a cross between Socrates and Dirty Harry. And I believe you just might be that person.”

40%  of people under age 35 are not knowledgeable as to the limits of Government; nor how the three branches are suppose to work.

And they have not been taught the importance of the First Amendment, in fact….they have been ‘taught’ to see it as a threat. ( See the” Ten Planks of Communist Manifesto”- and how it has become embedded into our schools of education.)

Notes from Judge Gorsuch (Supreme Court Nominee), speaking before the Public:

“I am Honored and Humbled…..long before we are Democrats or Republicans…we are Americans.  ”

He vows to be a faithful servant…..he talks about Louise his wife of over 20 years.. her loyalty and faithfulness..He talks about starting in a tiny apartment….he overheard his mother in law whisper to her daughter….”Are you sure he is really a lawyer?”

When his family and extended family get together for family gatherings.. Gorsuch stated that

“We hold different political views...but we are United in our Love”

He talked about God. His grandparents Influence…Poor and Irish.  His Grandfather became a doctor.  His grandmother “never stopped moving, and never stopped Loving…”

Judicial Courage:

‘Makes real the Constitution of the United States’

“Everyone who comes to court, deserves Respect”

When you become a judge…”you fearlessly  (defend) one clientThe LAW!

Gorsuch said that some believe that Judges are more about being ‘Politicians and Rogues’…..he does not believe that is what being a Judge or the law is about……

He said that the Job of being a Judge is very difficult, and making decisions which the

“answers follow us home at night…and keep us up.”

“Rule of Law….is truly a wonder…..”

He has heard over 2,700 cases in court of Appeals.

His view of the Judiciary is that it is suppose to be ‘ Independent ‘ of the Political climate.

Judge Gorsuch stated that it is important to understand the Rule of Law and how it should apply to all.

Judge N. Gorsuch had one mentor ( Justice A. Scalia) who reminded him that it is a ‘Judge’s duty to follow the Rules of Law….Not to replace them.’

“In the West we listen to one another…..

” Putting on a robe, does not make me any smarter…”

 One must …..”Lose our egos and open our minds….”

“We buy our own plain black robes…..Ours is a judiciary of honest Black Polyester.”

“Peoples Representatives”

Needed are  “Neutral judges to apply the law in peoples Disputes.”

Regarding people who would live in Fear of the Courts…

…”Everything to fear if Judges were to try to legislate too.