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While those in the streets are threatening violence, yelling “Down with America” lets pray that they are able to see the light before anymore blood is shed. Violence only begets violence, and yet we can not just stand by and let them tear apart our communities, our churches our schools and homes.  Having themselves the right to Protest and have their ‘Freedoms’ of Thought and speech…

is Not by quelling and shutting down ours. They need to be open to calm and peaceful dialog. They Should be reminded that this Country (America)


Otherwise they can, and should  leave the country that they do not want to be part of. Their desired  form of Socialism/Communism….is not the Democracy they are using to be able to protest. In Communistic countries it would be imprisonment, torture and/or death. When we look at their bullying, threats and violence on property and People…who are the thugs and criminals and Fascists?  This is what they want?  Here is a Partial Definition.

Fascism | Define Fascism at

(sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, …. emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism

And another :  ( These Violent Thugs are trying to force their own Ideologies and authoritarianism  on those of other political viewpoints.) Many don’t want ANY rules of Society or Any Laws whatsoever!

Fascism is a political ideology usually characterized by authoritarianism and nationalism. However, many scholars say the concept is difficult to define.


Where is the America I remember?  There are forces out there within and without that are threatening our way of life. We have those who deem themselves to be our caretakers, believing that because they come from old or New money; that somehow they are better then us.

We have others who think because they belong to this party or another, that they are the self professed ‘bleeding hearts’ so ‘concerned,’  for the poor or down and out.  And they scream at others saying that those people don’t care about social issues and concerns?  The truth is those of certain political ideologies have been pretty much in control and influencing urban areas for decades.

Things have not improved much in those areas. And many of color or other cultures are finally waking up and seeing they have been used for their votes…among other things.

And yet people across the country are trying to help this administration keep their promise to the people, although they are being fought on every side.

Chris Collins (R) a New York Congressman, has been discussing  upcoming tax reform debate. There is being  considered tax cuts to create economic growth and jobs. Reduce and/or eliminate tax exports. Money stuck overseas would come back. Preserve R and D benefits. There would be a reduction of tax liability of 24K for families and 12K for individuals. There could be Four different brackets and they will be clear. A tax Calculator,will be up on the internet.. with expanded Child credit….

Michael Graham is of  the Boston Herald and host of ” Michael in the Morning,” Podcast and a former GOP  Political Consultant. He is a columnist who believes that the media seems to be saying there is a denial of health care by reforming Obama Care. This is not true.  There does need to be more clear communication and explanation and consideration of the insured.

The Rates have gone up by leaps and bounds or those insurance companies have dropped some clients. Health insurance may have been made more available for some, but others have been hurt in the pocket book or found Themselves, without insurance. The Far left are ignoring the facts and statistics here. Remember Nancy Pelosi saying

“We have to pass the bill, so you can find out what is in it.”…Lets+just+pass+the+….Thing+and+worry+about+what+it+says+later#id=1&vid=1230bd2c556af5e29524cb5b448f26ce&action=click

And she supports others going to Jail if they don’t purchase the Massive increase of Insurance through the Federal government.


9/11/17    Just arrived home.  All week we were glued to my mothers TV and then upon arriving, at my father in laws.  As we watched Hurricane IRMA slide over Cuba and Puerto Rico, we were once again reminded just how fragile life can be.  With the Earthquakes in CA and in Mexico, Storms and Flooding in Texas, and now hitting Florida; we realize just how vulnerable we humans can be.  We pray as a people that around the world that people can gather around their families and hug them a little tighter. Do not be afraid to say “I Love you, I Appreciate You!” As we go into the remembrance of what today really means, let us try to Listen to each other a little better, and have the patience and compassion to reach out for a clearer understanding of each other.

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Today is Monday- Labor day.  As I sit here at four min after midnight.  I am listening to the Media on TV.  All day my family and I have been shaking our heads, aware that things are worse then we ever imagined. North Korea has now claimed a “Successful Hydrogen Bomb test” (underground)  which is unacceptable behavior to most of the sane world. They are fast approaching the ability to fire one attached on to one of their intercontinental ballistic missiles.  Sanctions We fear won’t work…if they ever really did.  He is not afraid to starve his people to death.

Also it was reported that as far away as China as well as South Korea a  3.6 to 6.3 earthquake was felt in both countries.

What is the World to do?  This is not a problem for just Trump, but the UN ( which many despise) and China and Russia.  If China and Russia won’t support further sanctions then it is like the rest of the world is being muzzled and hog tied.

For years from the Clinton to the Bushs, through the Obama administration we have seen that they had no teeth and instead kept playing pussyfoot with this hermit nation.  The 30 something monster who is willing to assassinate his own blood family members, has no concern for the millions and millions of starving suppressed people he is dictator over.
Ambassador John Bolton is right.  North Korea’s entire country is just a Military Prison camp.

We can not continue to live in a fantasy world that he would “never  do this to himself or his people” as one of my in laws stated yesterday.  Her family are in Hawaii and South Korea. Because for so many decades the “Threatening” nature of North Korea has been ‘so much talk and rhetoric, ‘ many people think it is just buff and bluster and that he won’t do anything.

This is Dangerous thinking.

Prayer for the world as well as Texas is ongoing…..