Warrior Queen Fighting against Tyranny

As I watched the elections, I was both dismayed and Thrilled to see what happened with the Women winning the elections and on their way to Washington DC.  They call it the “PINK WAVE.”  Even though many of them may have values (nor not), that are totally separate of mine…I was thrilled to see so many women and so many Veterans take this step.

In my continuing research of History, even after college graduation, I found one woman that moved me.  A woman who had become widowed,  and found her daughters violated.  A woman who fought against Tyranny and believed in standing for and Fighting for what you believe it.  She took it a bit further, but regardless her courage was never in question.

BOUDICA was a Widowed/ Warrior Queen who defied the Romans and their patriarchy culture.  Boudica was progressive as a female Leader. She was someone who rallied the Britons to stand up- and follow her into a fight(s), for victory and against Tyranny!


PICTURE GALLERY: LAS VEGAS Patriots Stand- 8 Jan & Portland, OR- 24 July






















Rancher Cliven Bundy   &


Cowboy rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum



























Patriots and Revolution Radio…..traveled to Portland Oregon on 24 July for first two days of FBI Agents  Trial.  Jury said there was not enough Evidence (???) To find him Guilty….Not even of Lying?



WHAT STAND WILL YOU TAKE WITH US and Widow Jeanette Finicum?



” The Political Assassination of LaVoy Finicum”

” Whether or not you believe LaVoy Finicum did the RIGHT THING
by exercising his 1st and 2nd amendments rights
to petition the Government for a redress of grievances
in Burns, Oregon,
January of 2016,

I am now stepping forward to publicly ask:


Who are we as HUMAN BEINGS?

Do we now believe that mere WORDS
justify the use of DEADLY FORCE?

Do we believe that PEACEFUL ACTIONS
justify the use of DEADLY FORCE?

Do we believe that TWO HANDS UP in SURRENDER
justifies the use of DEADLY FORCE?

And do we believe that following the rule of law
the United States Constitution

warrants the use of DEADLY FORCE?

If we do,



Published on Jun 7, 2016           ( Following the January 2016 US and OR state Assassination of her rancher Husband Levoy.)
Jeanette Finicum traveled to Plains, Montana in support of recently released political POW, Jake Ryan.  Please take time to watch the heart-wrenching account of her life with LaVoy, and the last thing he said to her before he left for Oregon


One of the comments that “We the People,” have found to be so very offensive is that which passed between the Salem OREGON, Governors office and Oregon Elected Representatives, and the White House. This  was the term and name calling Americans who stand for the Constitution as being a “VIRUS!”

Some of the definitions found on the internet for a” Virus,” are

“a harmful or corrupting influence:”
“the virus of cruelty that is latent in all human beings”
“a piece of code that is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data.”
“A virus is a small infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of other organisms. Viruses can infect all types of life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea.”
As Many of us would agree, it is many of our elected and appointed representatives who we find in leadership in and out of Washington DC, that are the true “Virus.”  Some say that: ‘There is no real cure for a Virus. One must let it run its course. Draining the swamp….is more then FIRING AND HIRING
The truth is
“WE the People are the cure! ”  And the sure way to deal with a virus……IS  To be VOCAL AND TO Vote
                                                                                                                                                        Robert Levoy Fincium was assassinated 2016 for being a voice and rallying call                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

BUNDY TRIAL in Las VEGAS – “NOT GUILTY”: DISMISSED after Mistrial and Now ‘Accountability or……..’

And NOW we know the rest of the story.  Some of us were only able to be at the Portland Kangaroo court hearings part of the time. And the same was with the Las Vegas Hearings.  Some like Roger Root, Shauna Cox and John Lamb were there day after day putting their lives on hold for a cause they believed in.

Flying into Las Vegas I did not know what to expect.  The sun was coming up on the horizon as my plane started its descent to “Sin City” and a world  different then the one I was raised in. I was picked up by John Lamb. He and his lovely wife Rebekah, and 11 children hosted me Sunday at the time share that a generous benefactor donated. The day was spent at the varied pools and hot tubes on the site. Watching his teens playing with outside overgrown chess board pieces, reminded me of the game of chess that the Federal government had been playing with the lives and fortunes of so many of our P’3’s ( Prisoners of Politics).


I was waiting for one of our managers and show host on Revolution radio to call me on Monday morning. He never did. Little did I know that a uniformed officer had ‘detained’ him on his way that morning to the hearing. It had been a pattern of the local police and Feds to lay in wait and hassle patriots they knew ( like another patriot/ Josh)…even barring them from the courtroom.

We arrived about 7:30 AM where a line was already forming.  Janette Finicum was there already with Shauna Cox. Also present was Carol Bundy and many of her family and extended family.  Friends and co sponsors, and volunteers/ supporters alike were greeting each other.  One came from Europe, others from Canada or South America. Many flew in from around the country. “Jim” had driven about 25 hours from the upper Midwest, to lend his support.  Black, White, Hispanic and  Japanese cultural backgrounds were represented among the Patriots. Americans, we all bleed blood and love this country! Those that were financially struggling, some middle class and even the very wealthy and prosperous in Nevada showed up.

Parents took their children out of federally controlled and run public schools as a working field trip. A chance to have hands on and eyes on witness, to possible history in the making, something money can not purchase.  Many children and teens all the way to age 21 were in attendance. Many home-schooled students were in attendance, some talking to the media about their feelings and concern for the country they are living in and the importance they saw in the “corruption of local, state and federal governments,” (17 year old David Davis).

As I walked into the courtroom, I noted that most of the seats were taken. Many media were in the first two rows on the left.  Patriots and families and supporters of the ‘defendants’ were on the right and all seats taken. Only a few seats in the back row against the wall on the Prosecution side were still available. A US Marshall directed me to sit in the back, last row.  Some  guy /Fed in a polo shirt objected, and another man in a three piece suit stated, “the Marshall told her to sit here. ” The dirty looks from the two female feds and others in that row were strong and of full tension. I just ignored and took advantage of where I was placed, by stating our Constitutional views when asked by the young man who I was and why I was there.  When I asked his name he hesitated, way too long and then said “Matt.” (Y eh…right…) I held out my hand, and he took mine and we shook hands. He was nervous and it showed. His hand was sweating like he had dipped it in water!

More and more subtle, and not so subtle questions from “Matt,” directed towards me until we were called to stand for the sitting judge “Navarro.”

Judge Gloria Navarro opened up by saying that it had become apparent the ‘ outrageous’ government conduct had caused the mistrial.  She quoted much case law.  Navarro also said the government actions were “shocking.” And that their actions were “reckless.” She also noted the prosecution was “biased,” and had total disregard for the law and of their duties under the law and the US Constitution.  She further went on to say that Ryan Payne had presented a case of the government “goading”- ‘ We The People.’ She was acutely aware that the FBI, BLM and DOJ as having committed  “Due Process Violations,” and made it clear they had withheld “650 pages of undisclosed Documents” from “discovery,” and from the defense.   She further went on to say that that the “Government made mis-representations to the court.” She also chastised them for their “Reckless Disregard,” and violations of the defendants’ due process and rights under the constitution.

As I sat there in the courtroom, I became almost painfully aware of the emotions starting to build up on the right side of the courtroom. Carol Bundy had sitting next to her and supportive, Widow ( of Robert Levoy Finicum) Jeanette Finicum.

To my left and right, those I now knew were Feds from the BLM, FBI and others were sinking more and more in their seats. Some of them turning pale and hanging their heads.

Navarro went on to say that the “Flagrant” behavior and “misconduct,”and total “disregard” for the rights of the people was obvious. “The Government conduct has some impact……” and then she went on to talk about the “Multiple Brady Violations.” She also presented that the “Government willfully failed to disclose…..” Mentioning the FBI Berk/302 and the Joint Terrorism Task Force. (JTTF).  She noted that the actions of the prosecution and others were not accidental.

Navarro said “..Universal sense of Justice has been violated.” She also noted there had been much provocation on the part of the Feds in 2014 in Bunkerville. She talked about their “negligence. ” And this Judge Navarro also said that the Federal ‘authorities,’ ( FBI, BLM and other law enforcement?) as well as the Prosecution had “reckless disregard for (of their) Constitutional Duty.” She also stated “…before, during and after the operation.”  She was quoting other cases throughout this hearing. She stated that the “FBI had four years to prepare, two years to present……” If I recall, she mentioned “Chapman” being different from this case.

She mentioned Dan Love and his conduct.  She had also presented to the people in the courtroom that- “The Government made several Misrepresentations to the court;

  1. Snipers
  2. Undisclosed documents ( mentioning also the FBI and a thumb-drive in vehicle.
  3. (was it) “Training or deployment” that had occurred in 2014? “

I noted that the Federal officers ( some FBI and some DOJ) sitting next to me, and some BLM officials in front of me were squirming.  American Patriots were smiling at the fact that the judge was stating what so many had been trying to present for years.

Judge Gloria Navarro stated that she was aware that the prosecution wanted to retry the case yet again… but that the hidden evidence by the prosecution team ,and the FBI evidence would only “strengthen the defense.”  She mentioned the ‘discovery, obligations and “Integrity of future trials.”

She ended by stating that “Dismissal is appropriate when Constitutional statues/rights have been violated.”

(pic by mRm- all rights reserved).

Judge Gloria Navarro ended with stating that “The Public has the right to expect a Fair Process.”

Now, it was obvious that Cliven Bundy and his sons were cleared and free to go home.  The date (Feb 26, 2018), for the next tier of his  innocent son’s Dave and Mel Bundy, may or may not occur!

I arose from my seat, and turned to “Matt,” stating -“Don’t forget the Constitution, and I hope I answered all your questions during your Investigation of me!” He just stared in shock.

When the hearing concluded….so many of us in the audience were in tears. As I left the courtroom those ahead of me broke the news to those outside that were not able to secure seats inside. Shouts and screams of joy went up in united chorus.  Men, women and teenagers  were standing there with tears streaming down their faces. These men showed their true masculinity -and strength and Love for their country and countrymen that day.

Cliven Bundy is all smiles as he welcomes everyone for a press conference in front of Metro Police Headquarters on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018. Bundy, the Nevada rancher and states’ rights figure who was freed after federal charges were dismissed in a 2014 armed standoff with government agents says the county sheriff and the governor are the only authorities he recognizes.

Cliven Bundy is all smiles as he welcomes everyone for a press conference in front of Metro Police Headquarters on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018. Bundy, the Nevada rancher and states’ rights figure who was freed after federal charges were dismissed in a 2014 armed standoff with government agents says the county sheriff and the governor are the only authorities he recognizes.” Las Vegas Sun via AP LE Basko

At the second of the two press conferences with Cliven I attended, he was asked about if he was going to sue or file charges.  At this time he and Mr. Whipple, and Mr. Larry Klayman are undecided. He was asked about holding the law enforcement and Federal employees ” accountable,”or was he just going to “forgive?” As always Cliven Bundy was humble and was clear about all American’s rights for redress of their government and that the Constitutional rights should not be diminished or ignored…nor just they be brushed aside when the rights of American’s are violated.

It was a honor and Privilege to be in the presence of so many good and faithful Americans.