Like a PHOENIX with its wings slightly singed…the USA and POUS TRUMP will Prevail. WOMAN from YUGOSLAVIA- Her Dire Warning to AMERICA~if we do not Heed. POUS TRUMP Can’t do it alone!

THIS WOMAN was from YUGOSLAVIA….SHE Shares what happened in HER home country and wants us to SEE and KNOW how close we are coming to the same here. CAN it happen HERE!….It already is…UNLESS WE STOP it and STOP IT NOW! This Video was made Just before the NOV 2020 Election. Her words were a Prediction of what happens when we are Lazy and fall asleep at the wheel.



There is a story in the bible that my good and faithful friend, “W” reminded me of. JEHU is a story we could all well revisit.

Good Does overcome Evil. Right now “We” here in the USA and around the world, are feeling down, discouraged, and I count myself in that. But suddenly someone I trust and admire reminded me of my spiritual convictions. I AM a Spiritual being. I am not Religious. There is a difference.

Many of us have lost friends, and even “Family” who turned on us for our beliefs and more so our even Stronger CONVICTIONS of what we KNEW in our Hearts and SOULS to be true.

I have been disowned, discarded and tossed away like yesterdays household waste. People who are my friends are closer to me now, then ‘blood’ relations. They are the ones I can trust to not judge, condemn. Even though we may not agree on all matters…they do not use politics to destroy relationships that could grow stronger and flourish. Many a night I turned on the hot water, and cried into the bubbles floating on the surface. Then I realized the bubbles were on the Surface. They were floating, just as we can and should be. I was reminded by another friend of the poem “Footprint’s” (in the sand) We are being carried. Just because we can’t see whom is lifting us up, and carrying us to safety, does not mean they do not exist. Faith (and prayer) is the Key.

We as a World People need to hang on to Hope and Faith. My godmother once gave me a birthday card when I was a wee one. It had a little plastic bubble on the front and inside was a mustard seed. My mother later gave me a necklace with a round clear ball. She had received it from her favorite Music teacher in Berkley California. Inside is a tiny mustard seed. I then saw that the universe was again gently reminding me.

We need to have “FAITH” as in a mustard seed…

I have been for years vocal about my convictions. A belief can be changed like you change your clothes. Someone can come along, and after much debate or discussion or even life experiences….even manipulations against you…can change your belief system. OR as you grow older and more wise due to life experiences your beliefs may evolve and change….either for positive or not so.

But a “Conviction” is as steadfast as you knowing the Sun will come out tomorrow, even if overshadowed by clouds between us and the sun.

One definition of the word “Conviction” is not just what is decided in a court.

CONVICTION: A Firmly held Belief or opinion. The quality of showing that one is firmly convinced of what one believes or says.”

I AM Firm in my Conviction that POUS Donald J. Trump….will be our President in the very Near future.

And GOD will continue to BLESS a Trusting and Faithful America, using POUS Trump to guide us as teammates through the Storms we face as a Nation and as A World.


A LETTER TO HER MAJESTY about VACCINES! – 27 Feb 2021 (posted)

Albert Burgess wrote a letter to the Queen – Exclusive Scoop

Albert Burgess Letter to the Alleged holder of the office of Sovereign. See what you think!?

HRH Queen Elizabeth II Albert Burgess
Windsor Castle 15 Parliament Road
Windsor Thame
Berkshire South Oxfordshire
26th February 2021

Ref Covid 19 vaccination

I am in all things your faithful servant prepared if necessary to die in your service; in the past whilst serving you in the office of special constable I have risked my life in support of your coronation oath to rule us according to our ancient laws and customs. I told Lord Condon then that as I was not being paid to get killed I reserved the right to decide how when and if I got killed. This still applies today.

Majesty you have I believe said that those of your subjects who anti vaccination should not be selfish and be vaccinated so that covid 19 can be eradicated. You have I believe equated covid 19 to the Black Death. I can only believe that is what government has told you and it is a lie. The plague killed one in three, Covid 19 has not killed anything like that number.

The figure of 120 000 dead is itself a lie government have cooked the books so that anyone who dies within 28 days of a positive test for the virus has their death recorded as a covid death even if they were run over and killed by a bus. Government for their own ends have been pushing project fear don’t hug granny or you will kill her. As well as the look into their eyes add which is no more than emotional blackmail for the weak minded.

Over the eight years previous to 2020 between 11000 to 26,000 people died from ordinary flu last year less than 400 were recorded as dying from flu. The same goes for deaths from pneumonia from around 37,000 to virtually none being recorded in 2020, so far this year not one person has died from flu. If we take the combined flu and pneumonia deaths add them together and subtract them from the 120,000 alleged covid deaths that nearly halves the covid deaths, take away the unknown number who died from treatable but untreated terminal illnesses and covid deaths dwindle to nothing.

Now I had the very great honour to serve you in the office of constable that gives me a pre-disposition to believe nothing I am told unless I can prove it myself. (It’s a coppering thing) Now let’s look at who is pushing vaccines?

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP Minister of Health has 75% of shares in a company making vaccines he holds these shares by virtue of being minister of health all profits are paid to the NHS however pushing vaccines makes money for the NHS and that makes him look good.

Professor Chris Witty chief medical officer accepted a £31.000 000 grant for research from Bill Gates who has made it clear he wants to vaccinate the world. Professor Whitty is under a financial obligation to Bill Gates and like Bill Gates is pushing vaccination.

Professor Patrick Vallance has £600.000 worth of shares in Glaxo Smith Kline which is making Vaccines. He also received a grant of £35,000 000 from Bill Gates for research he received a further grant in company with Glaxo Smith Kline of £65,000 000 for research from Bill Gates. Professor Vallance is under a financial obligation to Bill Gates.

I believe the SAGE committee has 13 members not all medical people who are pushing vaccination. Yet there are over 64,000 highly qualified Drs World wide who have signed the Great Barrington declaration saying that governments world wide are over reacting to covid 19 and that heard immunity is a far better method of containing covid 19 than an experimental vaccine. So with the 15 members of SAGE including Vallance and Whitty who have a financial obligation to Bill I want to vaccinate the world Gates who is not medically qualified to stick a plaster on a cut. As against 64,000 eminent clinicians world wide and growing.

Majesty your government have locked down every one of your subjects illegally, to be told to stay at home except for a few limited excuses government lay down on pain of a fine or worse is unlawful imprisonment. Majesty you swore an oath to rule us according to our ancient laws and customs I took an oath to you and before God that I would uphold your laws to the best of my ability without favour, fear, malice or ill will. Unlawful imprisonment is an offence at common law. I am obliged by my oath to you to do my utmost to restore the rule of your Majesty’s law.

Majesty whilst serving as a constable I became aware of just how much loneliness impacts your subjects, the London Ambulance service over a four month period attended over 5000 extra above average suicides or attempted suicides, this will be reflected across the Kingdom. These deaths are a direct result of an extra enforced loneliness and the closure of shops pubs and restaurants. It is a definition of murder that if you take a decision to do or not do something some one dies that is murder; if you take that decision through stupidity that is a definition of manslaughter either way they are offences carrying an authority to arrest. I cannot see Hancock, Vallance or Whitty admitting to stupidity. Yet these people your subjects killed themselves as a direct and foreseeable result of an illegal lock down.

The wearing of cloth face masks is not only a complete waste of time they do not even keep out dust let alone an infinitely smaller virus. What they do, do is trap carbon dioxide inside the mask which is an exhaled poison which when you re-breath it in causes bacterial pneumonia which has jumped alarmingly. Your subjects have had forty years of brain washing so you see them walking down the road with no one near them. Or driving a car wearing one with no one else in the car.

Majesty you are the supreme governor of England from where all your other titles supremacies and superiorities flow from, you are first and foremost Queen of England. You are the mother of England we are your children. Government operate in your name what you cannot do by law your government cannot legally do. Yet you have overseen a felonious assembly in Parliament. Majesty your thinking subjects those not brainwashed are totally sick to death of being governed by a criminal enterprise. Feelings are running high. Majesty you are the law in your Kingdom I am requesting you instruct the Commissioner of the Metropolis to carry out a full criminal enquiry into the actions of the cabinet and their advisors. And that every chief constable investigates every death attributed to covid a great many of your subjects with life threatening illnesses have died after being refused treatment in case they caught Covid and in case covid killed them. Yet they died from illnesses like cancer which were caught in the early stages when treatable.

Majesty many of your subjects have worked hard to build up a small business many have debts to banks or finance companies they have been forced to remain closed they are loosing their livelihoods and in some cases their homes through no fault of their own, and if they stay open they get fined. Majesty if the lock down is as it is unlawful imprisonment the fines are also unlawful and amount to state sponsored theft.

The National Audit Office and the British Medical Journal both highly respected organizations have accused government of fraud over their response to covid 19.

Majesty your natural born subjects are the most tolerant in the world never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would hear them talking rebellion but they are, and your law not only allows it but insists on it. In the event or riots felonious assembly or invasion all your subjects are required by the common law to arm them selves if necessary to put down the riot, felonious assembly or invasion. That is a clear duty your subjects have to protect your Majesty’s person and your Kingdom.
Respectfully submitted your most loyal subject.

Albert Burgess

TRUMP SILENT RUNNING by Justin Bellucci – ( & how Patriots like the FInicum’s & Bundy’s Agree!

TRUMP – SILENT RUNNING by Justin Bellucci

Many American Patriots have had the COURAGE That POUS DONALD J. TRUMP SPEAKS OF. Men and WOMEN must unite as One!

AMMON BUNDY Peaceful and NON Resisting…..Tyranny In AMERICA


The Real Reason Why Ammon Bundy Was Arrested. He had SAT in Ada County jail on false charges of trespass, obstruction of justice and resisting arrest.

I was arrested on Tuesday, August 25th, and then again, the following day, on August 26th, at the Idaho State Capitol. Already, much has been shared about the events surrounding my arrest(s), and as usual—it is all either completely wrong, or missing important details which change the perspective of the situation entirely. I am writing this open letter today, to a watching world, so that all can see for themselves the reality of the tyranny we are now living under—even in a place like Idaho. Below you will find a summary of the events that took place, including the clear abuse of power and the disregard for the peoples’ rights, particularly by members of Idaho’s law enforcement and by leaders in our own Idaho State Government.

SUMMARY OF EVENTS: On Tuesday, August 25th, I was seated near the back of the Lincoln Auditorium to participate in the committee hearing process regarding RS28049, the bill regarding civil liability immunity, to which I am opposed. While seated, I noticed an Idaho State Police officer speak to two citizen journalists seated at the front in the press section of the committee room. They both then got up and came to the back of the room to speak with the Sergeant-at-Arms. I overheard the conversation and specifically heard the Sergeant-at-Arms tell them that they were sitting in an area of the room reserved for pre-approved members of the press only. One of them, Miste Karlfeldt, showed that she was a credentialed member of the press (which she is), and then they continued to speak, but I did not hear how the conversation ended. Eventually, both journalists returned to the press area of the committee room. Shortly thereafter, Chairman Greg Chaney began the hearing.

Then, the Sergeant-at-Arms came up to Chairman Chaney and leaned down to whisper in his ear. After doing so, Chaney stopped the hearing and proclaimed that the two journalists had to leave the press area because they were not wearing the pre-approved “brown badges.” Miste again responded that she was a credentialed journalist, but immediately, within seconds, a crowd of ISP officers barged into the auditorium and down the hallway like storm troopers, to physically remove them. The other gentleman, Bryan Bowermaster, was forcefully removed by multiple officers as if he was a violent and dangerous criminal, while Miste continued to talk to other officers and show her credentials and her confusion as to why she was not allowed to sit where the press normally sits. At this point, there was obviously a lot chaos in the room with audience members and police officers shouting back and forth, while the committee members sat by and watched. (Plenty of videos of this activity has been shared online.)

At this point I decided to head up to the front of the room and sit at the same press table where Miste and Bryan were just removed from to show the absurdity of the actions on behalf of the Idaho State Police and Chairman Greg Chaney. Of course, nobody did anything to me or spoke to me at that point. So, I just sat there and did nothing.

Several others decided to sit with me, as well. After the chaos died down a little bit, Chaney and the committee members decided they needed to move their committee hearing to another room which would be more private and where they would only allow certain people in from the public—please don’t forget this important detail. I decided to stay in the Lincoln Auditorium, sitting at the table “reserved for the press.” A little after 5:00 pm, Blake Higley of the Idaho State Police, along with dozens of armed and aggressive ISP officers walked back into the Lincoln Auditorium and demanded that everyone leave or face arrest. Most of the room cleared out, but I decided to stay. Another gentleman, Aaron, who also posed no threat in any way, was then arrested. Multiple officers then descended upon me to arrest me as well. I was then handcuffed (not zip-tied as has been reported) to the chair I was sitting in and wheeled out of the room.

Another innocent woman named Jill who was standing outside the Lincoln Auditorium was yelled at by one of the officers who angrily snapped, “Come on in if you want to be arrested,” who then proceeded to step outside of the auditorium and then forcefully grabbed her by the neck and threw her inside the auditorium to arrest her.

Mind you, committee hearings and other meetings were still ongoing in the Capitol at this time. THE IMPORTANT CONTEXT THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCEAs always, circumstances must be placed in their proper context. In this case, the events of Tuesday, August 25th, must be placed within the context of the previous day, Monday, August 24th. Monday was the very first day of the special (aka extraordinary) session of the Legislature called by Governor Brad Little. This special session, as I believe (along with thousands of other freedom loving Idahoans), was called by the Governor in order to protect himself from the consequences of his own tyrannical actions and to serve his own cronies, the wealthiest and most influential special interest groups in Idaho.

More specifically, the chief issue at hand, RS28049 about Civil Liability Immunity, was written by IACI (Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry—the most corrupt and influential lobbying organization in Idaho), and has been referred to amongst legislators as “The IACI Bill.”Citizens were rightfully outraged about this egregious bill which: gives Brad Little cover for his own egregious and illegal actions taken in the name of “coping with the coronavirus crisis,” gives a free pass to big businesses in Idaho like St. Luke’s and St. Alphonsus for knowingly harming patients during the coronavirus crisis, and it lays the foundation for total protection against all entities who would later be involved in the forced vaccination of Idaho citizens, against their will. It’s a disgusting bill and Idahoans came to voice their outrage over the Governor not only trying to ram this bill through the legislature, but going so far as to call a special session in order to get it passed.

Now, according to Idaho State Statute Title 74, Chapter 2 (and according to common sense and basic citizens’ rights in a free country) all public policy meetings held by public officials must be open to the public. The public has the RIGHT to be present at any and all legislative sessions.

So, hundreds of informed and righteously indignant citizens showed up to show their unified voice against this corrupt attempt to force this immoral legislation on the people of Idaho. However, Idaho State Police officers were onsite preventing the people from entering the house gallery. This is a clear violation of the peoples’ rights, and it is a clear violation of Idaho State Law.

So, here we had Idaho State Police clearly and evidently VIOLATING the peoples’ rights and violating State Law. This was filmed on dozens, if not over a hundred cell phone cameras, and immediately shared all over social media, the internet, and privately between citizens. In one instance, Idaho State Police officers tried desperately to slam the entrance door shut, in clear violation of the law, while Idaho citizens who had already made their way past the entrance grabbed the same door and tried to pull it open in order to allow their fellow Idaho citizens access, as well. This door had a glass window on it, and the pushing of the door near the middle of the door by a police officer, while the same door was simultaneously pulled near the top by an Idaho citizen, caused the door to bend, which ultimately caused the glass window in the door to shatter. This was then spread across fake news media outlets with a narrative that tried to describe these concerned patriots as an angry mob who shattered the glass door in order to violently push their way into the legislative session.

A few headline examples were, “Unmasked spectators shatter glass door in Idaho Capitol building as special session starts,” (Idaho Statesman), “Crowd shatters glass to get to Idaho House session on virus,” (Associated Press), and “Unmasked spectators shatter glass door in Idaho Capitol building as special session starts” (KTVB7). Of course, those headlines are all lies and a video, taken by Bryan Bowermaster himself, was published showing the truth of what caused the glass to break.

The truth is, of course, that Idaho State Police were violating peoples’ rights, breaking Idaho state law, and trying to physically slam the door in the faces of honest Idaho citizens who were simply exercising their right to be present in public policy meetings. That attempt was resisted by Idaho citizens and it was the police’s actions that caused the door to shatter, not the peoples’ actions. Bryan Bowermaster’s video demonstrated this for the whole world to see and put on display the tyranny of the Idaho State Police along with the dishonesty of mainstream media, and ultimately humiliated both the ISP as an institution, and the media, in general. Videos even surfaced of ISP officers literally crying when Idaho citizens pushed their way through because they, in their own words were, “just trying to do my job.” It should be noted, that the Idaho State Police, never ceased to attempt to prevent the people of Idaho from entering the House Chambers, which is their right as citizens, and which is clearly documented in Idaho state law; until Speaker of the House Scott Bedke arrived and gave the orders to allow the people in.

Taken as a whole, the events of August 24th in the Idaho State Capitol, as I just described them were seen as a major blot against the Idaho State Police.

They were publicly humiliated and their violation against Idaho citizens was put on display for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people to see. This meant evidently, that they had to restore their position, and demonstrate to citizens once again, “who is in charge.” They were going to have to put on a show of force to remind citizens that it is they who have the authority and that citizens must submit to them!

It is important to note that the actions of the people for the rest of the day were 100% totally and completely peaceful. Had it not been for the Idaho State Police violating the peoples’ rights and preventing the people from entering a public legislative session, there would have been absolutely no confrontation, no shattered glass, and no public humiliation. The people were peaceful, as always. It was the Idaho State Police who provoked the yelling, the pushing, and the chaos. Sure, later in the day, there was some outbursts from people in the gallery, along with comments, loud snickering, claps, boos, and a general lack of decorum. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but order can easily be maintained by simply requesting it from the gallery. Furthermore, it can be argued that if the legislature doesn’t want to get booed, they shouldn’t try to pass laws that violate the peoples’ rights. CHAIRMAN GREG CHANEY ALSO STOPPED Much has already been said about Chairman Greg Chaney, his character, and his past.

I have no interest in adding to that conversation, but I will state that it was clear that Chaney was chosen to ensure that this legislation, as written by IACI, get rammed through the house and ultimately adopted into Idaho State Law. This was designed by the Governor himself, but Chaney, because of the activism and grass roots response of the people of Idaho, failed to get IACI’s bill passed out of committee.

This was a major failure on the part of the committee, with Chaney as the chair, and it was also obvious that there would be no way that these committee members could vote in favor of this bill with so many members of the public physically present in the committee hearing, opposing the bill. And therein lies the problem. They can’t have their committee hearing in private or in secret, because that is against the law. And the people have already demonstrated that they know the law and are not going to allow themselves to be kept out of the hearing. So, what’s a legislator to do? Well, it was obvious that they had to come up with a plan to make an excuse to keep people out of the hearing room. And what better excuse than to claim that there are violent upheavals, or violent mobs, or violent or disruptive anything that requires police force. It was evident that this was planned. They needed and wanted an excuse to keep the public out of the committee hearing. If it wasn’t “press credentials” it would have been something else.

Read on and you will understand…ADDITIONAL DETAILS THAT SHED LIGHT ON THE ARRESTS. It was evident that on Tuesday, the Idaho State Police needed to both save face, and put themselves back in the IN CHARGE position in the eyes of the people. They couldn’t allow the people to feel like they were the ones in charge and that they did not have to obey the police. All tyrannical agencies respond this way. In order to “take back control,” they showed up with an over the top, show-of-force, and then sought to make someone an example in order to intimidate anyone and everyone else. This is why on Tuesday, as can be seen in dozens of videos circulating online, the State Capitol was absolutely filled to the brim with ISP officers. There was obviously no need for this, but with the previous context in mind, you tell me why this many officers were needed? Additionally, before we entered the Lincoln Auditorium that day, there were dozens of ISP officers in and outside of the auditorium talking amongst themselves and several of them speaking with the committee members. However, before the meeting began, most of the ISP officers cleared out and there only remained about 8 officers. But within seconds, as soon as Miste Karlfeldt responded to Chairman Chaney that she did, indeed have press credentials, all of those additional ISP officers filed into t he auditorium to forcefully remove Bryan Bowermaster.

Is it coincidence that Bryan is the same citizen journalist whose video was used to humiliate the ISP a day earlier? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. I’ll let you decide.But I ask everyone—how could you not recognize this was planned in advance when the ISP entered into the room within seconds of Miste’s response? Had it not been planned, there would have been a longer exchange between Miste and Chaney. Chaney would have then had to call for the Sergeant-at-Arms to assist in “keeping order” and someone would have had to have radioed for the additional officers to come in. That all takes time. It doesn’t happen in seconds.

Additionally, if they had not planned in advance to have this show-of-force to intimidate the people, why couldn’t either the individual sergeant-at-arms, or any of the 8 or so ISP officers who were in the building have come down to escort Miste and Bryan, peacefully, from the press area? Neither one of them posed a threat. Why the over the top use of force? This doesn’t even begin to discuss the legality or ethicality of whether or not Miste and Bryan should be allowed to sit at that table in the first place. But that is another argument altogether.

What is very clear is this—the Idaho State Police broke the law. They violated the peoples’ rights. And then when their transgressions were exposed, they responded with an over the top show of force, further abusing the peoples’ rights, and even physically assaulting many innocent citizens in the process (several innocent citizens were pushed, shoved, and thrown on the floor).That is why I sat in that chair that day. That is why I refused to move. That is why I got arrested. Because I was letting the world see how abusive our own Idaho State Police have become. You tell me, what is a greater threat to our freedom—a peaceful citizen sitting in a chair? Or a violent and aggressive police force who knowingly violates law and the peoples’ rights all in the name of following orders?

SOME TRICKS THAT THEY USE. Unfortunately, I have been through this all before. I know, as well as anybody, how the government uses and manipulates the media and controls the narrative in order to abuse its own people. And from civil asset forfeiture, to qualified immunity, to George Floyd, to Waco, to Ruby Ridge, the government has their “go to” handbag of tricks to manipulate the people and protect themselves from citizen outrage. The most common things they do are to claim that innocent citizens were either “resisting arrest” or “trespassing.” These are claims that are used so broadly and accepted so widely that anybody can be arrested at any time for these reasons. And you can see how indiscriminately these charges or claims are used.

Take Sarah Brady, for example, who was arrested by Meridian Police Officer Branden Fiscus for “trespassing” at a public park in broad daylight with hundreds of other Idaho citizens at the same park at the same time. I, along with Aaron and Jill, were also arrested for “trespassing” at the Capitol. But why? Hundreds of other citizens were at the Capitol at the same time. Why weren’t they all arrested? It should be obvious that they wanted to make examples out of us.I was also charged with “resisting arrest.” This has been proven to be one of the most egregiously used claims against innocent citizens that has ever existed.

You can be arrested for no reason, and then if you “resist” that arrest, you can then be charged with a crime! Of course, there are many examples of abusive cops physically beating people who are not fighting back or doing anything at all, while the cops yell, “stop resisting, stop resisting” in order to give themselves a legal excuse for their abuse. Because if they are investigated for their abusive action, they can simply claim that the person was “resisting arrest.”In my case, my personal testimony is (and this is validated by the numerous videos that were taken), that I simply sat in that chair and did nothing. I wasn’t violent. I wasn’t yelling. I didn’t even move. I sat completely peacefully and posed a threat to no one. Nevertheless, multiple officers physically assaulted me, handcuffed me to the chair and then disgracefully wheeled me out of the building while still handcuffed to the chair. And after I was treated that way, they charged me with “resisting arrest.” Does that sound ethical or moral to you? The following day, I returned to the Idaho State Capitol and sat down in the Idaho Senate Chambers with friends and fellow patriots. Again, I posed no threat. I maintained decorum and was doing absolutely nothing when Idaho State Police came again into the gallery and violently arrested me and physically dragged me out of the building. Why? Again, they charged me with “trespassing.”To add insult to injury, I was physically abused by these officers who took special care to wait until they were out of public view to inflict additional harm and pain on me.

One of them intentionally dug his knuckles into my neck and then ripped his hand across my jugular. Why? Why was that necessary? Why do they do that? Because they can.

Because their abuse goes unreported and unpunished. If they did that to me for simply sitting silently and peacefully in the Senate gallery, exercising my rights as a citizen—imagine what they do and how they abuse Idaho citizens on a daily basis?

The news is reporting that I have been banned from the Capitol for 1 year and that this ban came personally from Governor Brad Little, Speaker of the House Scott Bedke, and Senate Pro Tem Brent Hill themselves. So ask yourself, if they have the authority to ban a single Idaho citizen from the Capitol for doing no wrong and for breaking no law, then what can they do to you?And if they can, in a show-of-force and abuse of power, make me an example to the rest of you, so that patriots are no longer emboldened to resist the violation of their rights, then will they not have a free pass to do whatever they want, without consequence?.

THE REAL DANGER IN IDAHO (AND AMERICA) TODAY. Who is more dangerous—a citizen with a cell phone camera filming a public event in a public building paid for by citizen’s tax dollars, or an abusive and angry police officer who will grab that same innocent woman by the neck, and violently throw her into a room in order to arrest her for doing no wrong?

What is more dangerous—a man trying to open the door to a legislative session, or an unconstitutional police officer trying to slam that door in the faces of other citizens who are trying to enter the building that they have the legal right to enter?What is more dangerous—a citizen journalist without a pre-approved brown badge sitting at a table “reserved for the press” or a corrupt Chairman using these journalists lack of “pre-approved credentials” as a pretext to call in a small army of police officers, arrest citizens, physically harm others, and ultimately shut citizens out of the committee hearing so that they can’t voice their opposition to their immoral bills? People need to learn what is really going on. People need to call a spade a spade.

Believe it or not, I personally want to support law enforcement. I want the rule of law to exist in our society.

I want my children and family to have a respectful relationship with those that wear a badge.

But please tell me how the actions of the Idaho State Police, and by many of our legislators and political leadership deserve our respect? Tell me why I should allow tyrants to trample on our rights? Why should we allow the police to violate our own laws? “

At this moment in time, it is evident that our own government and our own law enforcement agencies are truly the greatest threat to our freedom. They must be reformed. They must be stopped from abusing the people. And I humbly ask each and every one of you to ask yourself, where is your line? What is the line that you say they cannot cross before you say “no more?”


Ammon Bundy

“BUSH FAMILY (Real last name “Scherff”; and Hitler and Joseph Mengele- friendships and conspiracy to take down America”

Future CONCORD SHOW will tell the story

” According to Otto Skorzeny, pictured is the Scherff family and a few friends (circa 1938). Holding “Mother” Scherff’s hand at left is Martin Bormann. In front is Reinhardt Gehlen. In back is Joseph Mengele and to his right is Skorzeny as a young man. At center right (in the German navy uniform) is George H. Scherff, Jr. and his father George H. Scherff, Sr. Bormann became Hitler’s second in command. Reinhardt Gehlen was a chief SS officer and assassin who was smuggled out of Germany under Operation Paperclip. Skorzeny was Hitler’s bodyguard and SS spy/assassin who came to the U.S. after the war under Project Paperclip. Skorzeny and GHW Bush were instrumental in merging Nazi (SS) intelligence with the OSI to form the CIA with “Wild Bill” Donovan and Allen Dulles. These guys were also part of CIA mind control experiments such as MK-ULTRA. SS officer and physician Joseph Mengele, the notoriously sadistic “Angel of Death” of Auschwitz, escaped Germany to South America after the war. George H. Scherff, Jr., became the 41st President of the United States as GHW Bush and George H. Scherff, Sr., was Nicola Tesla’s “trusted assistant

The Bush’s real last name was SCHERFF

From the April 2007 Idaho Observer


” Based upon the “deathbed confession” of Hitler’s bodyguard and master spy/assassin Otto Skorzeny, we were given a clue that George Herbert Walker Bush and his father Prescott Sheldon Bush were not who they pretended to be. By following the clue, we found other clues that began to support the claims of Skorzeny: That PSB is really GHSI and GHWB is really GHSII.

The result of this connect-the-dots research campaign is that the “master plan” for world domination has been exposed beyond a reasonable doubt. Much more can now be researched and written since the master planners are no longer able to hide In the fictitious realms of their propagandized history books and family biographies.

When will those who are “sworn to uphold the law” do so? When will our so-called American patriots finally find the backbone to confront these realities and demand an end to this madness?

Whether we realize it or not, the world is watching, America. What we decide to do about these issues will not only determine our fate, but the fate of the rest of the world. Are we to be led, like sheep, to our slaughter? Or will we finally wake up, get mad, and say, “Enough is enough!”

BLM and ANTIFA push Hate, Violence & TYRANNY in the US in OR, CA, ID, WA & elsewhere

During the time I served in one of my Army Units, the soldier one rank above me, was someone I Loved as a Good Friend and as a mentor. She was greatly respected by the civilian employees, as well as her soldiers. Each time I left the Unit, promoted out….I came back a couple years later, because of her. She was often my supervisor. She cared for my children and she watched them grow up, as I grew in my Army Career.

Years ago, when we were getting married, we asked her to be our Maid of Honor. Without hesitation she said “yes.”

No one thought anything of the fact I had white skin, and she was Black American. The wedding ceremony was late in starting; it was found that two of the bridesmaids had met with unforeseen complications, and were unable to arrive in time. No one thought it was strange that two more of my closest Army coworkers also stood up with me. They were both Black American women, soldiers who loved their country, and were there for me as I would always be for them. I was honored to consider them extended family.

In my Genealogy Research I found that in my family tree, I had many generations back, some Jewish Heritage. Being I was raised both Protestant and Catholic, I found this interesting. More recently I found that over 300 years ago, I am a descendent of the Delaware/Lenape- turtle Clan. These are a proud people today and do not believe in handouts, nor having casino’s. They believe in team work and compromise and cooperative networking. They have blended Christianity with their cultural beliefs and traditions.

My birth family, has those that have married into our family from three different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. It has made our family richer in my estimation.

If only more people in the world, could work together like this, and not try to have economic or religious dominion over others.

I have said this before on my radio show and I will again. “I have ZERO Tolerance for INTOLERENCE.


SHE AND HER COHORTS….do not want Transparency. They run the state like a Chinese Communist Dictatorship. CHINESE were suspected of being driven into the Parking garage of the Oregon State Capitol on more then one ocassion, reported maybe even on 21 December. This was when she did not want Adults or their (forced to homeschool) children into their capitol to watch the Democrat Controlled majority push their agendas without public input or consideration of the harm they could bring. Children and very Elderly and often infirm adults were maced and hit with rubber bullets’. An Antifa was heard saying “Now you see how it feels,” as a BLM member was laughing and filming.


“WE THE PEOPLE” have a RIGHT  to Observe the Legislative Process. It does not matter that the Democrats are controlling and dictating every aspect of  ones lives. In CALIFORNIA and OREGON and IDAHO AND WASHINGTON…and elsewhere….People are being treated like children …or worse….like less then dogs…..

Over and over again, people in these states are being taxed and double taxed…..being lied to and misled. The democrat run cities and States are pushing people more and more into poverty; in the big cities and in the rural areas.  When WE Pay for their salaries, their Health and life insurance and other perks….and then told we have no voice, and everything is listed under the Emergent clause so Nothing will be put to a Vote of the people?

THIS is a further abuse of Power.  This is Dictatorship! Elderly men and their service dogs tazed, and beat to the ground. Women, teenagers and children, maced and pepper sprayed by four different law enforcement agencies. Men, Women and kids of all ages, shot from behind with rubber bullets, to the back of the head.  Shot in the face, narrowly missing the eyes. Some had to go to the hospital. The Emotional Trauma of seeing their Cities allowed to be vandalized by Antifa and BLM for months on end….encouraged by the Democrat party and leadership and city officials.  Law Enforcement told to “Stand down.” But on 21 December, were encouraged by Kate Brown and her Democrat Cohorts to GO  aggressively after American citizens who wanted to peacefully assemble, and go Into THEIR Building, THEIR Capitol to observe a Legislative process. Transparency, and honesty….or respect for Oregonians…..I think Not!

Beating up an elderly man with one eye, and tazing him and his elderly Service dog. Another man goes to help him as he is being beat to the ground, tazed and abused.  That Second man is beat up by black Clothed, law enforcement thugs.  They throw him into the railing…and then start gassing people, as the unformed police run back into the building locking the door.

THE GOVERNORS of so many states are playing in the sand box of the Deep State, the Cabal.  THEY know the Globalist are trying to “Cull the Herd” and depopulate by whatever means possible. THEY Don’t care about the suicide rates and depression and other ills they are thrusting on us….As LONG as they think THEY will be the ‘Privileged’ ones while the “useless eaters and feeders…..the Deplorable s just disappear…” like good little surfs.

WE MEN AND WOMEN….Need to stand our Ground against TYRANNY. BUT you can’t do it with 200 or 300 people….and especially when they cut and run in fear, leaving 20-32 behind.  This is Cowardly. “I am worried about being arrested, that I will lose my business.” Well, SIR! You may not HAVE A business a year from now, if more like you cutt and run…….WOMEN were standing their ground the other day….while you jumped in your vehicles and left.

Look INTO The Past…for Women who Stood their Ground.

In studying history,  I found one woman that moved me.  A woman who had become widowed,  and found her daughters violated.  A woman who fought against Tyranny and believed in standing for and Fighting for what you believe it.  She took it a bit further, but regardless her courage was never in question.

One day, a Soldier complimented me by saying I was “Like a BOUDICA” ( Thank You, SSG Cruz)  Occasionally now, a friend will joking say “hey Boudica” 
I only wish I had her courage, and the strength to do more. I wish I could believe more in the People to Stand for Right, and not run in fear.  Leadership is not born, it is developed….and not by running when you know you are in the right.

Not like I have seen and experienced in Malheur  Oregon a few years ago, when Levoy was assassinated by Kate Brown and her OREGON State Troopers, with backup of the FBI and Mercenary’s called in. So called “Patriots,” going back to their home states and denying they had ever been in Oregon! Or like what so many of us saw and/or experienced,  in Salem Oregon on December 21, 2020. Oregon state Troopers, and other law enforcement, violating their OATH OF OFFICE, and violating the State  and US Constitutions…abusing the people and lying about whom started the incidents ( the Police)…while Kate Brown was seen walking by and smirking!   The Antifa standing by and filming……(“now its Your turn” was a comment heard).

BOUDICA was a Widowed/ Warrior Queen who defied the Romans and their patriarchy culture.  Boudica was progressive as a female Leader. She was someone who rallied the Britons to stand up- and follow her into a fight(s), for victory, and against Tyranny!

NOW,  we are dealing with a Deep State, a Globalist agenda, with most of the terrorist  in London and the UK….and throughout Europe….as well as Russia and China and Iran…-The worst are our very own Homegrown “Domestic” Terrorist right here at home. Many of whom we elected or had appointed to work for and serve “WE THE PEOPLE.”  It has gone to their heads, from both sides of the aisle…..and they are now, so many of them…self serving.


2019 and Beyond.

We people know that all those in America are not perfect. We are aware that behind the scenes at all levels of business are wheeling and dealings going on. But to Attack our President for in the Past being of less then perfect character….and make excuses for other Presidents because “at least he was impeached” is just plain wrong. President Trump is not perfect but as far as we know he has not dirted the White House and under the Desk in the Oval office.

When I turn on a conservative news channel… and hear them presenting the pros and cons to anything…and offering up commentary from both Democratic s, “progressives” and Marxist socialist…And then the CNN and MSNBC that only lies, spins the true narratives and bashes our President and all Freedom loving American’s. Medicare “For all?” Who has paid into it? Anyone crossing the border ( especially illegally) should have medicare, Welfare….and by their illegally gotten voting…that can change the course of our state and Federal laws?

The Take over of America has been going on since the late 1860’s and our “REPUBLIC” is under siege.

STAND with me…with Us….to find non violent ways of calling out the alert and trying to engage your families, neighbors and friends in becoming more active. THIS 2020 is a serious election year. WE Need EVERYONE TO VOTE….who is legally in the right to do so. IF you suspect someone is voting illegally, turn them in. Contact your state government…..demand fair voting practices. WE are a REPUBLIC…not a MARXIST country of Bernie Sanders and AOC’s dream…

SO, Where do we go from here?

As we go into the New Year, I first want to Thank ALL of you who have been following my journey these last 20 plus years. It has been a journey of tears and fears….and a journey of much revelation. Revelations about myself and also about those whom I thought I could trust. Revelations about those who I thought would always be there, and about those who surprised me by standing up and being counted when I thought and yes…even assumed they did Not have what it took.

I remember as a young girl looking up at the sky and asking not…why… but…Why NOT? I was full of dreams, and questions I usually kept buried.

My sister had passed suddenly and un expectantly. Our family was not your normal family ( what family is?) I lived in the shadow of a famous uncle. My mother was very accomplished with talents in so many areas. She was living a life that often was unfair and unrelenting in the challenges it forced upon her.

When other mothers stayed home doing what was expected of them…MY mother (a former model and actress, as well as an accomplished performing musician), did that as well as balancing school, raising five kids for a while by herself, and teaching piano out of our home to supplement the family income. She secured four degrees this way, eventually teaching college for over 40 years, and writing four books!

When our new, and this time Devoted father arrived, he found himself selling his porche to purchase a family station wagon. Baby sis had been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, which was still a unfamiliar hereditary childhood disease to the general public. I was nearly 14 when we lost her due to Mal practice at Children’s Hospital in Oakland California. Our Dad stood by mom and this ready made family in a way, few fathers could ever understand.

Losing Marni Mouse (born on Valentines day), along with the influence of my mother and my (former nurse) Scottish Godmother, eventually led to me spending most of my adulthood in the medical field. I have often asked myself what is my purpose here, and something tells me that it is still ahead of me somehow? I look back and I see time speeding up and I wish I could go back to when I was twenty something and know THEN what I know now. I would have made many of the same decisions, but others…well…lets just say I would have done Some things differently!

Life has a way of bringing people in your life. You hope they will always be there…but often you find that they are there just long enough for you to learn from each other, on your spiritual journey. In some cases you find they are with you the entire journey, and yet others dip in and out as life takes you on what appears to be a roller coaster ride….sometimes with you screaming to get off.

The journalistic world was one I had little glimpses into. I would write and then back off. My self esteem and confidence was not where I was comfortable throwing myself into it in full measure. My military life was part time and then full time and back to part time for over 35 years. Interwoven was my dedication to raising my own five children full time, determined I would not move them around the country, or around the world. I had heard bitter sweet stories, from those who had that upbringing…and I was determined I could not do that to them. As a result…it took me longer to make rank, and to become retired.

For the most part I have no regrets, other then wishing my own now adult children could have a better understanding, without the heartache, what it is parents must go through with no school other then a Crash course in life and parenting. I managed to go to school part time, then full time off and on. Three associates later, And a separate Nursing diploma and License….finally with my youngest graduating high school…I walked receiving my four year degree.

Radio has always been one of my ‘occupational’ loves, although I never have been paid in monetary ways. The payment was in knowing that sometimes I may help someone find their way, or in their knowing they are not alone in what they think or believe, or in choosing the path or voluntarism they will pursue.

I Pray and Hope that this year will find you and yours stronger and more self assured then ever before. I do believe that we are headed for great things to occur. We may not be happy with the political climate and those who are out for serving themselves through the all mighty dollar, but at least we are coming to understand their true motives…..

Lets pray we do get more security in this country, by however means that is possible. America needs to take better care of her own, and Although Charity is very important. Charity should in today’s climate, first begin at home.

Here is to a WONDERFUL Year for you and yours, and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being such an important part of my Extended Family and for your loyalty to “The Concord Show,” And especially to Revolution Radio!

PICTURE GALLERY: LAS VEGAS Patriots Stand- 8 Jan & Portland, OR- 24 July






















Rancher Cliven Bundy   &


Cowboy rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum



























Patriots and Revolution Radio…..traveled to Portland Oregon on 24 July for first two days of FBI Agents  Trial.  Jury said there was not enough Evidence (???) To find him Guilty….Not even of Lying?