A Little Boys Last Christmas Request……

9-year-old Jacob Thompson asks for cards to help celebrate his ‘last Christmas’ early


I hope each of my friends on FB will send Jacob a Christmas card.
Jacob Thompson
C/O Barbara Bush Childrens’ Hospital
Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall St
Portland, ME 04102

ABOVE: Jacob Thompson has terminal cancer. As Allison Vuchnich reports, the nine-year-old hopes you can show some him some love and support and make his dying wish come true.

“With each card, message and video, we know people are sharing their love. Thank you, we know we are not alone.”

“Jacob loves receiving cards from people, especially other children. He smiles as he opens them and does his trademark ‘nose scrunch’ to let us know he’s happy,” said a statement from Jacob’s family.

 A A 

After nine-year-old Jacob Thompson was hospitalized in October after a four-year battle with Stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma, doctors told his family that he likely had just one month to live.

In response, his parents have decided to have their Christmas celebration early this year, and Jacob wants people to celebrate along with him by sending Christmas cards.

In the five days since Jacob made his Christmas wish, the family has received over 100 cards from onlookers and well-wishers from around the world, even Antarctica, just in time for the family to celebrate Christmas at the beginning of November. The celebration will include snow, a tree and, of course, Santa Claus, CNN reports.

WATCH: Nine-year-old Jacob Thompson received an outpouring of support after it was learned he only had a month to live.

A pen IS Mighter then a Sword.

The other day, someone asked me if I am afraid. “You should be afraid Maggie. There are some really bad people out there.”  I thought about this and came to the realization that so many times over ones life…many of us are afraid, whether we admit it to ourselves or others. You can choose to be afraid or not. Fear is a choice. I for one…I choose Not to be afraid.

I want to believe…..I need to believe in the over all goodness of people.

I am concerned. I am Worried.  I am disgusted and I am ashamed of what this country is coming to.  When I see White Supremacists/ neo Nazi and their violence, along with other violent groups like “ANTIFA” or even some in “Black Lives Matter,” I come to realize that only they matter to themselves.  The NWO/Globalist are at it again. They create and generate upheaval and violence.

The cabal and NWO and others are trying to create racial division and upheaval. They are trying to cause race wars.  Now, it is discovered that not only two windows were broken out on the 32nd floor of Las Vegas; but also on other floors. Pictures are reflecting floors 4, 10 and 16 appear to have been compromised.  Some are saying this is a “True” conspiracy.

The other night we were at a fast food restaurant and some commented they believe the CIA is involved. Of course this goes against their mission statement. It was used, others believe, as a detraction and to cause people to think about other things.

“HRH” Ms. H.R. Clinton once said, “Never waste a good Crisis.”   She mentions below, that this was the view of the former “Chief of Staff of former Pres B. Obama.

She says, ” When it comes to a economic  crises,” adding: “don’t waste it when it can have a very positive change on climate change and energy security and that is what we are trying to do.” 

Does she really think we believe that it will end there?

They use tragedies, committed by those who are unstable as reason to jump on the 2nd amendment bandwagon, to erode away more and more of all our rights.  Allowing other religions to practice their beliefs in federally funded public schools, but banning Bible classes OR Clubs, and Prayer in those same schools.

They tear down and destroy and manipulate, so they can get rich going in and rebuilding and doing their best at social engineering. They incite riots and even Pay people to allow themselves to be bused in to create incidents. George Soros is one of the heads of this. Over and over again we have found that if you follow the money, you have the likes of George and Hillary and others AT THE HELM.

Whether it is POUS Trump tweeting …whether it is people in his administration trying to keep things calm… we KNOW that calmer heads need to prevail.  We need to go to sleep at night Knowing that those in charge are going to assure a checks and balance is in place.

Traveling as I did a few weeks ago by car across the United States through the heartland of America, I met farmers and ranchers who stated, that now even those EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI ARE UNDER ATTACK BY “DEQ and BLM.”   They are scared and on edge to see that we are losing our country to “Progressives” and Liberals.  “Progressive” does not mean advancement, in its definition. Their progression is to erode away as many of our rights as they can, to exert more power over our day to day lives, while ‘they’ the elitist sit back and enjoy their lives at our expense.

I have friends and others who are violently opposed to listening to the other sides.  They take on the ‘don’t confuse me with the FACTS, my mind is made up!’ Some of them are so violently opposed to any redeeming facts about some players in Washington DC that they will shout and yell us down, steamrolling over us to make a point.
This and worse is what happened the other day in Virginia.  It is heart wrenching to see how inhuman some people got.  They became like rabid dogs and violent for violence sake.  Our hearts break for the families of those two killed in the line of duty, those in critical care from being mowed down by a angry driver, and especially the family of the woman killed by him and his car.

Antifa is taking up Baseball bats and stalking and threatening conservative students at UC Berkeley and elsewhere.

Violence in Portland Oregon, Virginia or elsewhere has no place in a otherwise polite society.  This is not who we are as American’s. We CAN Have a peaceful Revolution. We need to be more willing to sit down and talk and try to come to some kind of conflict resolution.

I STILL Believe…..mRm

Current thoughts

Image result for Lets just pass the damn thing and worry about what it says later


While those in the streets are threatening violence, yelling “Down with America” lets pray that they are able to see the light before anymore blood is shed. Violence only begets violence, and yet we can not just stand by and let them tear apart our communities, our churches our schools and homes.  Having themselves the right to Protest and have their ‘Freedoms’ of Thought and speech…

is Not by quelling and shutting down ours. They need to be open to calm and peaceful dialog. They Should be reminded that this Country (America)


Otherwise they can, and should  leave the country that they do not want to be part of. Their desired  form of Socialism/Communism….is not the Democracy they are using to be able to protest. In Communistic countries it would be imprisonment, torture and/or death. When we look at their bullying, threats and violence on property and People…who are the thugs and criminals and Fascists?  This is what they want?  Here is a Partial Definition.

Fascism | Define Fascism at

(sometimes initial capital letter) a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, …. emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism

And another :  ( These Violent Thugs are trying to force their own Ideologies and authoritarianism  on those of other political viewpoints.) Many don’t want ANY rules of Society or Any Laws whatsoever!

Fascism is a political ideology usually characterized by authoritarianism and nationalism. However, many scholars say the concept is difficult to define.


Where is the America I remember?  There are forces out there within and without that are threatening our way of life. We have those who deem themselves to be our caretakers, believing that because they come from old or New money; that somehow they are better then us.

We have others who think because they belong to this party or another, that they are the self professed ‘bleeding hearts’ so ‘concerned,’  for the poor or down and out.  And they scream at others saying that those people don’t care about social issues and concerns?  The truth is those of certain political ideologies have been pretty much in control and influencing urban areas for decades.

Things have not improved much in those areas. And many of color or other cultures are finally waking up and seeing they have been used for their votes…among other things.

And yet people across the country are trying to help this administration keep their promise to the people, although they are being fought on every side.

Chris Collins (R) a New York Congressman, has been discussing  upcoming tax reform debate. There is being  considered tax cuts to create economic growth and jobs. Reduce and/or eliminate tax exports. Money stuck overseas would come back. Preserve R and D benefits. There would be a reduction of tax liability of 24K for families and 12K for individuals. There could be Four different brackets and they will be clear. A tax Calculator,will be up on the internet.. with expanded Child credit….

Michael Graham is of  the Boston Herald and host of ” Michael in the Morning,” Podcast and a former GOP  Political Consultant. He is a columnist who believes that the media seems to be saying there is a denial of health care by reforming Obama Care. This is not true.  There does need to be more clear communication and explanation and consideration of the insured.

The Rates have gone up by leaps and bounds or those insurance companies have dropped some clients. Health insurance may have been made more available for some, but others have been hurt in the pocket book or found Themselves, without insurance. The Far left are ignoring the facts and statistics here. Remember Nancy Pelosi saying

“We have to pass the bill, so you can find out what is in it.”…Lets+just+pass+the+….Thing+and+worry+about+what+it+says+later#id=1&vid=1230bd2c556af5e29524cb5b448f26ce&action=click

And she supports others going to Jail if they don’t purchase the Massive increase of Insurance through the Federal government.


9/11/17    Just arrived home.  All week we were glued to my mothers TV and then upon arriving, at my father in laws.  As we watched Hurricane IRMA slide over Cuba and Puerto Rico, we were once again reminded just how fragile life can be.  With the Earthquakes in CA and in Mexico, Storms and Flooding in Texas, and now hitting Florida; we realize just how vulnerable we humans can be.  We pray as a people that around the world that people can gather around their families and hug them a little tighter. Do not be afraid to say “I Love you, I Appreciate You!” As we go into the remembrance of what today really means, let us try to Listen to each other a little better, and have the patience and compassion to reach out for a clearer understanding of each other.

***********                     *********           **********

Today is Monday- Labor day.  As I sit here at four min after midnight.  I am listening to the Media on TV.  All day my family and I have been shaking our heads, aware that things are worse then we ever imagined. North Korea has now claimed a “Successful Hydrogen Bomb test” (underground)  which is unacceptable behavior to most of the sane world. They are fast approaching the ability to fire one attached on to one of their intercontinental ballistic missiles.  Sanctions We fear won’t work…if they ever really did.  He is not afraid to starve his people to death.

Also it was reported that as far away as China as well as South Korea a  3.6 to 6.3 earthquake was felt in both countries.

What is the World to do?  This is not a problem for just Trump, but the UN ( which many despise) and China and Russia.  If China and Russia won’t support further sanctions then it is like the rest of the world is being muzzled and hog tied.

For years from the Clinton to the Bushs, through the Obama administration we have seen that they had no teeth and instead kept playing pussyfoot with this hermit nation.  The 30 something monster who is willing to assassinate his own blood family members, has no concern for the millions and millions of starving suppressed people he is dictator over.
Ambassador John Bolton is right.  North Korea’s entire country is just a Military Prison camp.

We can not continue to live in a fantasy world that he would “never  do this to himself or his people” as one of my in laws stated yesterday.  Her family are in Hawaii and South Korea. Because for so many decades the “Threatening” nature of North Korea has been ‘so much talk and rhetoric, ‘ many people think it is just buff and bluster and that he won’t do anything.

This is Dangerous thinking.

Prayer for the world as well as Texas is ongoing…..


update: Racism, Violence and – the “New Free Speech Movement”



Update :07 October 2017

Just informed yesterday, ( could not find it on the controlled Far Left mainstream media)..but found on OAN and Newsmax:

A “White” Professor at UC Berkeley ( “Berzerkly”) California is being ordered by students to stop teaching at the campus.  UC Berkeley is now being ‘run’ by the students? His crime? He is White. Students in his class are “Demanding” to have the midterm as a take home exam. If they do not get their way, they will refuse to take the exam.  They are also demanding that he be fired because of being “White.”
We are sure there is more to this story and will continue research and updates.  For those far left who start yelling about the above commentary, and “Facts,” a phone video was taken of Inside the classroom that depicted the above.


17 September

Today is National Constitution Day. This day, also my “birth” day…reminds me that each of us is a significant part of this nation. And the birthing of this nation is a evolution, on ongoing process.

As I am reminded of the Birth of our Nation, I am also reminded of just how fragile life is, and how fragile our remaining liberties and freedoms are.

I was in the Veterinary hospital one day and found a magazine titled “Alive.” I felt it was a catchy title and picked it up.  It is published in Contra Costa County, in California right outside San Francisco.  This magazine is by subscription, and has articles that are wonderful and with a variety of topics.  The other night I found myself at 130 am in the morning back at the same hospital with my mothers little dog. I found the September edition of “Alive” with a picture of Mahatma Gandi and being a college graduate who loved studying him I of course HAD to have this issue.  They were giving away free issues so I took mine back to Moms and found an article written by Troy D. Worden, a student at UC Berkeley.

The topic was in line with what THIS posting today is all about.

Our country is under attack from not just outside but from within. We are being betrayed by some of our own countrymen/women. Our freedoms of  personal individual thoughts, and of freedom of speech, are two very basic rights EVERY Human being should feel safe to carry within. Yet others believe that they can strip us of our basic freedoms. Why?

They are afraid. I am of the personal belief that this is what motivates so many people to behave and respond to outside stimuli the way they do.  Many have their own demons. It is those inner demons that become the voices spurring them to violate the rights of others.

They do not seem to get that you can not force others to think or feel or do what you do, by violent speech or acts of intimidation or violence.  When they do this, what happens as a result is usually the complete opposite.

On one hand, we may understand some of the concerns and fears of the white supremacists, but not how they act out their anger and frustration.  The neo nazi’s have the feeling that they alone are the supreme, the top dog.  Anyone that does not subscribe to their views or life’s definition(s), they believe has no place IN this country. If you are not white then you are beneath them. This kind of racism has no place in a polite society espousing equality.

They say they believe in the Constitutions of the country and their respective States.  They are hypocritical as they degrade those of color, and scream their antisemitism rhetoric. The Bill of Rights and the Preamble of the Constitution is intended to encompass all, regardless of race or creed.

Many radical groups use the ‘Freedom of Speech,’ as a way to take away others freedom of expression, thought, and speech. They abuse the very rights of others in order to be the only ones speaking and being heard.

The Antifah definition is “anti-fascism is opposition to fascist ideologies, groups and individuals.” ( Another definition out of the oxford dictionary is that it is “a radical political movement that  opposes fascism and other forms of extreme right-wing authoritarianism.”

Are they men and women who are rebelling against the establishment, while at the same time upholding all these very ultra-politically correct views? Why is it that the college in Washingon (Evergreen college) does not allow a student free speech because she is white?


What if a teacher at a institution of ‘higher learning’ is told that he is too white, too conservative or not liberal enough. The students want him or her removed?

Liberal Students Take Over College, Faculty “Not Safe”, Situation Ongoing

 Students at the minuscule liberal arts school in the Pacific Northwest have taken it upon themselves to forcefully seize control of the school’s library, barricading themselves inside, in what began as a protest and has devolved into an attempted coup.”

The War on Free Speech Turns Further Left

I was born in Berkeley and raise in the suburbs only 30 Minutes from U.C. Berkeley. I am ashamed of what that University has become in the last 25 years. For those that were not born yet, or are not up on their history…U.C. Berkeley was once much talked about as an example of free thought, freedom of speech and expression. And freedom of the Press was a given.

It is common knowledge that across the United States of America the First amendment is under attack/ assault on our college/university campuses.  Universities like U.C. Berkeley need to re prove their loyalty  to the American people, to what they once were so proud to hold as one of their traditions. That of Freedom of Speech, and Thoughts. More and more people are being physically injured and even killed by radicals with and without facial coverings.

As Troy D. Worden, the President of a U.C. Berkeley organization, stated so clearly; “More tests, more trials and tribulations must follow before U.C. Berkeley can prove its commitment to keeping the United States Constitutions and we the people-its students Safe.” (9/2017 “Alive”)

When Heather, peacefully protesting- was killed weeks ago by another demonstrator who mowed her down with a car; I remember feeling such grief, and Love for her family and friends. I did not understand all she was there for, nor what the opposing demonstrators were doing.  But regardless, there is no justification to the violence enacted towards others, regardless of their beliefs OR Convictions that may be opposite of ours.

“…maintaining nonviolent discipline involves a complex set of strategic interactions between protesters, campaign leaders, and government authorities – including the degree to which activists prepare and train to absorb government repression over the long haul, the ways in which activists structure their campaigns, and their ability to mitigate against emergent internal divisions along the way.”  Jonathan Pinckney is a PhD candidate 

Why Do Peaceful Protests “Turn Violent”?

In the September 2017 magazine “Alive” (, the front cover has the quote by Mahatma Gandhi.  “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

Assassination of Robert Levoy Finicum and attempted Murder of Others.

Warning!  The scenes of Levoy’s  assassination and attempted murder of his friends, by Federal and State employees and  “others,” at the bottom of this post is graphic.  Note that they knew at the first stop that women were in the vehicle. This did not matter. Women and the lives of women are not more ‘special,’ then the life of a man. The ‘authorities’ had radio’s up and down the isolated stretch of the highway.  They knew the occupants would not be able to call for help or make cell phone contact.

Shauna Cox was even heard trying to contact Joseph Rice, former Oath Keepers Coordinator of JOCO/Grants Pass Oregon, and one of the self professed self appointed ‘leaders’ of the Pacific Patriot Network. Obviously he and his ‘group,’ did not inform those at the Refuge they were leaving the state of Oregon, for a indefinite period of time. The same J. Rice who is reported to be now working with Southern Poverty Law Center.

Southern Poverty Center has listed 3%, and Oath keepers and even the Pacific Patriot Network as “domestic Terrorist,” along with Kris Ann Hall who is a former Army Veteran, and an Attorney teaching about the Constitution and American’s rights. And Mr. Rice is reported to be reporting to and working with them, all the while professing that he and his other followers are about the Constitution and Due Process. Yet he was never seen in any of the courtrooms in Portland (his home state), nor like so many hundreds traveling from around the country…he has never been seen in the Las Vegas courtroom.

Thing is Mr. Rice told me personally while running for Josephine county commissioner; that he decided (after approaching the FBI at their command Post; and insisting he was there with three propositions to end the Protest…), just before the Ambush … he chose to suddenly leave and go to a meeting with friends in Alabama. The same friends he worked with when employed by the former “Blackwater,” now known as ‘private contractors. They now are renamed  “Academi.” Many of his heads of his PPN Group (Pacific Patriots Network), that he co founded, also left the state just hours prior to the planned and coordinated ambush of the convoy. Some of the 3% have written to the Concord show, that PPN and Rice ‘warned,’ people at the Refuge of a build up in the town of Burns. Yet these same professed only qualified ‘Leaders,’ who told patriot volunteers, on social Media to report to them for “instructions.” Yet these same three or four individuals not only left town, Just before…but left the state altogether.

Word from reliable sources say that Mr. Rice and his side kick Bruce McFarland (former Marine Corps?) who is a computer “consultant,” and a contractor, were told to leave National Oath Keepers.

Joseph Rice has now taken his worshipful following and formed “Liberty Watch,” in Josephine County, Oregon.  Southern Poverty law center has listed all patriot groups including conservatives, Tea Party and the Libertarian party as domestic terrorist. Joseph Rice’s group is not among this listing.  They appear to be adding to their mission statement, “Emergency Preparedness…Just as Rice’s Oath Keeper group was training for.

The FBI, Oregon State Troopers, mercenary’s and others under the direction and orders, of the Obama Administration (through WH Valerie Jarrett), and Oregon Governor Kate Brown made it clear though the emails and text messages forwarded to hundreds of us, that “WE THE PEOPLE” are considered “Virus’s be stopped, from spreading,” to other counties, and states.

In the Ambush and Assassination of a key Constitutional Teacher (Levoy) and Leader. They thought they would stop the movement of people peacefully protesting and taking a Stand for a Free America. What they did was further awaken a sleeping giant. Many are just quietly preparing to continue the push for a Freer America.

“They” are the ones to draw first blood.  They are the ones who think that they can Lord it over us.  They lock up our peaceful citizens and deny them “Due Process,” and Constitutional Rights. They assume that the majority of the America people are so dumbed down that they will just assume, that somehow patriots have done something wrong.    Many American’s are so self absorbed in their lives and Hollywood entertainment they don’t want to know. All of us are now listed under the potential label of terrorist under the NDAA.

 A small Part of the NDAA legislation that is controversial and scary. This is what the Department of Justice is using to keep the Bundy’s away from their land, and to keep them and their supporters silenced behind bars, with no Due Process, and denied the ability to present a strong defense.

Sent to us by valerie kell –

“NEW ! From Elias Alias of The Mental Militia ( # 4 ) : ” Published on Mar 27 , 2017 This video published at 6 : 42 a.m. Monday March 27 , 2017 . My thanks and a Salute to this films maker for offering it first to The Mental Militia . More information and description to follow shortly.

AMBER ALERT WORLD WIDE- Parental Abductions & Phone number Alerts

Please see the bottom of page as well….for a true story video.

 Please Ask the Indian Government to Help return Baby


 NADIA and Her daughter Insiya

 Father Shehzad Hemani, kidnapped Insiya, when mother Nadia was awarded Custody on March 2016.

Baby Girl Insiya, who was born DUTCH, was two years old. She was kidnapped by three men on September 29, 2016.  Insiya’s grandmother was violently beat up and her aunt was tazed.

Insiya and Shehzad Hemani were immediately put on the Interpol List. An Interpol Arrest Warrant was issued for Shehzad Hemani.  


“Father Kidnaps Daughter; Smuggles from Netherlands to India
Mom Pleads for Foreign Ministers’ Help with Daughter’s Return”

I will not stop until I get justice, because it is Insiya’s fundamental right to be with her mother… Every morning until night I am working to get her back. I am trying everything. I will not stop until I can hold my daughter in my arms again.”

“On the dark morning of September 29, 2016, two-year-old Insiya was abducted violently from her house in Amsterdam by three men hired by Insiya’s Indian father. It has been 5 months since Insiya has been gone.”

Here’s her mother’s appeal to Sushma Swaraj seeking immediate help in order to get her daughter back:

Bring Inisiya Back:

“… Nadia Rashid‘s world was shaken upside down on September 29, 2016 when her 2-year-old daughter Insiya was violently abducted from their home in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Shehzad Hemani, the father of Insiya planned the violent kidnapping by hiring 3 men in order to abduct the child.

Nadia was married to Shehzad Hemani, a citizen of India who is currently living in Mumbai. Shehzad started emotionally and physically abusing Nadia after the marriage, in order to save Insiya and herself from the violence, Nadia filed for divorce.

Awarded with Insiya’s custody in March 2016, Nadia was living happily but within a span of few months Shehzad snatched Insiya away from her. The day Insiya was kidnapped, Nadia had left the home a little earlier than she used to.

Three men forcibly entered the home, hurling abuses at Nadia’s mother. At the time of kidnapping, Nadia’s mother and sister were present at the home. One of the neigbours stopped one of the kidnappers helping the Dutch police nab the criminals.

An immediate AMBER Alert was issued for Insiya. Both Insiya and Shehzad Hemani were immediately put on the Interpol List. An Interpol Arrest Warrant was issued for Shehzad Hemani. The Netherlands officially requested Indian authorities to return Insiya and arrest and extradition of Shehzad Hemani to the Netherlands.
It has been 5 months since the kidnapping but Insiya is still in the clutches of Shehzad away from her mother. Dutch crime reporter John van den Heuvel and his team traced down Shehzad Hemani and Insiya all the way to India, Mumbai.

Witnesses also confirm that they have spotted Insiya in the same building where Shehzad lives. Humans of Amsterdam has now started a petition ( to get in direct contact with the Ministry of External Affairs as even after numerous efforts she has not been able to receive any response from them. The petition has received 18,000 signatures in less than 24 hours and the appeal video has been viewed over 200,000

Even though Insiya’s nationality is Dutch, and she possessed a Dutch passport, she was smuggled to India from The Netherlands out of EU.

Nadia’s only wish is to get her 2-year-old daughter back from the clutches of her kidnapper, her father.”

Excerpts from:
Bring Insiya back: Dutch mother seeks Sushma Swaraj’s help after Indian kidnapped her daughter”…/nadia-rashid-s…/1/894117.html

Facebook page: Bring Insiya Back

“The purpose of this petition is to reach out to the authorities of the Indian Government, especially the Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj so that she can collaborate with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to return Insiya back to The Netherlands. I keep faith, but I can’t do it without your help. So please support and sign this Petition.”

Plea from Nadia:
“On the 29th of September 2016 my 2-year- old daughter Insiya was violently kidnapped from Amsterdam (European Union) and smuggled to Mumbai, India. Without her Dutch passport. Insiya is a Dutch citizen and holds only the Dutch nationality and passport.
On the day of the kidnap three men, professional kidnappers, barged into my home in my absence and brutally took Insiya while my mother was babysitting.

The Dutch Police was alarmed right after the kidnap and they issued an immediate AMBER Alert for her.

In an instant it became clear that Shehzad Hemani, my ex-husband, is the mastermind behind the violent kidnap.

For many years I had been trapped in an emotional and physical abusive marriage with him. In 2015 I finally gathered my courage to file for divorce and put an end to his abuse. But even after filing for divorce it just didn’t stop; it became worse and he threatened to kill me multiple times. He placed 6 GPS trackers under my car, hired people to follow me and kept threatening to kidnap my daughter. That is why the Dutch Court decided to give Insiya’s custody to me.
An official Interpol Arrest Warrant has been issued for Shehzad Hemani.”

Shehzad Hemani

“The Dutch and European authorities question how the kidnapper could escape and cross multiple borders. This is very concerning.
I haven’t talked to my daughter since she has been kidnapped. Despite my countless efforts, the kidnapper will not let me talk to my daughter. Together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch Government we are trying our utmost best to get Insiya back. Every morning until night I am working to get her back. I am trying everything. I will not stop until I can hold my daughter in my arms again.

I have reached out to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs multiple times, but so far I haven’t got any response.

Ever since Insiya was born I have been the only one taking care of her. I will not stop until I get justice, because it is Insiya’s fundamental right to be with her mother. Insiya is illegal in India. Insiya is taken hostage and gravely traumatized. For her wellbeing and safety Insiya needs to be back with her mother!

The purpose of this petition is to reach out to the authorities of the Indian Government, especially the Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj. So that she can collaborate with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to return Insiya back to The Netherlands.

I keep faith, but I can’t do it without your help. So please support and sign this Petition. We really need both governments to collaborate and take action.

SIGN NOW and save an innocent child!

Your support makes a huge difference in my life.

Thank you so much,”
Nadia Rashid
FB page:
Twitter: @NadiaRashid20

Dutch News story:

“SAFE KIDS NOTE: If this had been a mother who violently abducted her child and fled internationally, she would have been apprehended immediately and be in prison with no bond. And the father would have full custody for the rest the girl’s childhood. There would be no need for diplomatic discussions.”


Shehzad Hemani, the father and believed kidnapper of Amsterdam 2-year-old Insiya, is also under investigation in his own country, the Telegraaf reports. He is under investigation for fraud, embezzlement and money laundering, according to the newspaper.

More than 10 complaints were made against him as the director of his company Conros Group and other companies. And on December 6th, he was officially charged with forgery, the newspaper writes.

His lawyer Gerard Spong told the newspaper that Hemani will not comment on the matter. “Client denies that he made himself guilty of any criminal offenses.

Little Insiya was from her grandmother’s home in Amsterdam three months ago. A neighbor tried to stop the kidnapping and managed to detain one of the kidnappers long enough for the police to arrive. But the other two made off with the girl. The neighbor was .

The police believe that heand that he , something Spong confirmed with a .

Mother Nadia Rashid is missing her daughter terribly, especially over this Christmas period. “Last year everything was different.” she said to the Telegraaf on Saturday. “Insiya really loved Christmas. She could not take her eyes off the tree. Now I know nothing about her. I only hear stories of neighbors in Mumbai, who live in the apartment building where my daughter is being held. They say that Insiya is occasionally heard crying heartbreakingly. I have to deal with that.””

Insiya Hemani



Dear Listeners:

Please do not be afraid to step to the plate when a stranger is in need.  Stand Tall and Firm.   Be the Hero inside and out, even if no one knows.  And when Good things happen to you…..please, Please….”Pay it Forward.”

Thank You      mRm



“Mona” on RR just posted this warning to all

mona radler
Urgent Very Urgent …!!!!!

Please pass around to your family and friends…!!!

People have been receiving calls from
any number starting from
+371 number
One ring & hang up.
*If you call back, they can copy your contact list in 3sec
If U have bank
Credit card details on your phone,
they can copy that too...

+375 is from Belarus.
+371 is code for Lativa.
+381 Serbia
+563- Valparaiso
+370- Vilnius
+255- Tanzania
These calls may under ISIS
Don’t answer
or Call back.

Also, Don’t Press
#90 or #09
on your Mobile when asked by any caller.
It’s a New Trick of Terrorists to access your SIM card, Make calls at your expense and frame you as a criminal.
Forward this message to as many friends as U can, to stop it