Assassination of Robert Levoy Finicum and attempted Murder of Others.

Warning!  The scenes of Levoy’s  assassination and attempted murder of his friends, by Federal and State employees and  “others,” at the bottom of this post is graphic.  Note that they knew at the first stop that women were in the vehicle. This did not matter. Women and the lives of women are not more ‘special,’ then the life of a man. The ‘authorities’ had radio’s up and down the isolated stretch of the highway.  They knew the occupants would not be able to call for help or make cell phone contact.

Shauna Cox was even heard trying to contact Joseph Rice, former Oath Keepers Coordinator of JOCO/Grants Pass Oregon, and one of the self professed self appointed ‘leaders’ of the Pacific Patriot Network. Obviously he and his ‘group,’ did not inform those at the Refuge they were leaving the state of Oregon, for a indefinite period of time. The same J. Rice who is reported to be now working with Southern Poverty Law Center.

Southern Poverty Center has listed 3%, and Oath keepers and even the Pacific Patriot Network as “domestic Terrorist,” along with Kris Ann Hall who is a former Army Veteran, and an Attorney teaching about the Constitution and American’s rights. And Mr. Rice is reported to be reporting to and working with them, all the while professing that he and his other followers are about the Constitution and Due Process. Yet he was never seen in any of the courtrooms in Portland (his home state), nor like so many hundreds traveling from around the country…he has never been seen in the Las Vegas courtroom.

Thing is Mr. Rice told me personally while running for Josephine county commissioner; that he decided (after approaching the FBI at their command Post; and insisting he was there with three propositions to end the Protest…), just before the Ambush … he chose to suddenly leave and go to a meeting with friends in Alabama. The same friends he worked with when employed by the former “Blackwater,” now known as ‘private contractors. They now are renamed  “Academi.” Many of his heads of his PPN Group (Pacific Patriots Network), that he co founded, also left the state just hours prior to the planned and coordinated ambush of the convoy. Some of the 3% have written to the Concord show, that PPN and Rice ‘warned,’ people at the Refuge of a build up in the town of Burns. Yet these same professed only qualified ‘Leaders,’ who told patriot volunteers, on social Media to report to them for “instructions.” Yet these same three or four individuals not only left town, Just before…but left the state altogether.

Word from reliable sources say that Mr. Rice and his side kick Bruce McFarland (former Marine Corps?) who is a computer “consultant,” and a contractor, were told to leave National Oath Keepers.

Joseph Rice has now taken his worshipful following and formed “Liberty Watch,” in Josephine County, Oregon.  Southern Poverty law center has listed all patriot groups including conservatives, Tea Party and the Libertarian party as domestic terrorist. Joseph Rice’s group is not among this listing.  They appear to be adding to their mission statement, “Emergency Preparedness…Just as Rice’s Oath Keeper group was training for.

The FBI, Oregon State Troopers, mercenary’s and others under the direction and orders, of the Obama Administration (through WH Valerie Jarrett), and Oregon Governor Kate Brown made it clear though the emails and text messages forwarded to hundreds of us, that “WE THE PEOPLE” are considered “Virus’s be stopped, from spreading,” to other counties, and states.

In the Ambush and Assassination of a key Constitutional Teacher (Levoy) and Leader. They thought they would stop the movement of people peacefully protesting and taking a Stand for a Free America. What they did was further awaken a sleeping giant. Many are just quietly preparing to continue the push for a Freer America.

“They” are the ones to draw first blood.  They are the ones who think that they can Lord it over us.  They lock up our peaceful citizens and deny them “Due Process,” and Constitutional Rights. They assume that the majority of the America people are so dumbed down that they will just assume, that somehow patriots have done something wrong.    Many American’s are so self absorbed in their lives and Hollywood entertainment they don’t want to know. All of us are now listed under the potential label of terrorist under the NDAA.

 A small Part of the NDAA legislation that is controversial and scary. This is what the Department of Justice is using to keep the Bundy’s away from their land, and to keep them and their supporters silenced behind bars, with no Due Process, and denied the ability to present a strong defense.

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