BLM and ANTIFA push Hate, Violence & TYRANNY in the US in OR, CA, ID, WA & elsewhere

During the time I served in one of my Army Units, the soldier one rank above me, was someone I Loved as a Good Friend and as a mentor. She was greatly respected by the civilian employees, as well as her soldiers. Each time I left the Unit, promoted out….I came back a couple years later, because of her. She was often my supervisor. She cared for my children and she watched them grow up, as I grew in my Army Career.

Years ago, when we were getting married, we asked her to be our Maid of Honor. Without hesitation she said “yes.”

No one thought anything of the fact I had white skin, and she was Black American. The wedding ceremony was late in starting; it was found that two of the bridesmaids had met with unforeseen complications, and were unable to arrive in time. No one thought it was strange that two more of my closest Army coworkers also stood up with me. They were both Black American women, soldiers who loved their country, and were there for me as I would always be for them. I was honored to consider them extended family.

In my Genealogy Research I found that in my family tree, I had many generations back, some Jewish Heritage. Being I was raised both Protestant and Catholic, I found this interesting. More recently I found that over 300 years ago, I am a descendent of the Delaware/Lenape- turtle Clan. These are a proud people today and do not believe in handouts, nor having casino’s. They believe in team work and compromise and cooperative networking. They have blended Christianity with their cultural beliefs and traditions.

My birth family, has those that have married into our family from three different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. It has made our family richer in my estimation.

If only more people in the world, could work together like this, and not try to have economic or religious dominion over others.

I have said this before on my radio show and I will again. “I have ZERO Tolerance for INTOLERENCE.


SHE AND HER COHORTS….do not want Transparency. They run the state like a Chinese Communist Dictatorship. CHINESE were suspected of being driven into the Parking garage of the Oregon State Capitol on more then one ocassion, reported maybe even on 21 December. This was when she did not want Adults or their (forced to homeschool) children into their capitol to watch the Democrat Controlled majority push their agendas without public input or consideration of the harm they could bring. Children and very Elderly and often infirm adults were maced and hit with rubber bullets’. An Antifa was heard saying “Now you see how it feels,” as a BLM member was laughing and filming.


“WE THE PEOPLE” have a RIGHT  to Observe the Legislative Process. It does not matter that the Democrats are controlling and dictating every aspect of  ones lives. In CALIFORNIA and OREGON and IDAHO AND WASHINGTON…and elsewhere….People are being treated like children …or worse….like less then dogs…..

Over and over again, people in these states are being taxed and double taxed…..being lied to and misled. The democrat run cities and States are pushing people more and more into poverty; in the big cities and in the rural areas.  When WE Pay for their salaries, their Health and life insurance and other perks….and then told we have no voice, and everything is listed under the Emergent clause so Nothing will be put to a Vote of the people?

THIS is a further abuse of Power.  This is Dictatorship! Elderly men and their service dogs tazed, and beat to the ground. Women, teenagers and children, maced and pepper sprayed by four different law enforcement agencies. Men, Women and kids of all ages, shot from behind with rubber bullets, to the back of the head.  Shot in the face, narrowly missing the eyes. Some had to go to the hospital. The Emotional Trauma of seeing their Cities allowed to be vandalized by Antifa and BLM for months on end….encouraged by the Democrat party and leadership and city officials.  Law Enforcement told to “Stand down.” But on 21 December, were encouraged by Kate Brown and her Democrat Cohorts to GO  aggressively after American citizens who wanted to peacefully assemble, and go Into THEIR Building, THEIR Capitol to observe a Legislative process. Transparency, and honesty….or respect for Oregonians…..I think Not!

Beating up an elderly man with one eye, and tazing him and his elderly Service dog. Another man goes to help him as he is being beat to the ground, tazed and abused.  That Second man is beat up by black Clothed, law enforcement thugs.  They throw him into the railing…and then start gassing people, as the unformed police run back into the building locking the door.

THE GOVERNORS of so many states are playing in the sand box of the Deep State, the Cabal.  THEY know the Globalist are trying to “Cull the Herd” and depopulate by whatever means possible. THEY Don’t care about the suicide rates and depression and other ills they are thrusting on us….As LONG as they think THEY will be the ‘Privileged’ ones while the “useless eaters and feeders…..the Deplorable s just disappear…” like good little surfs.

WE MEN AND WOMEN….Need to stand our Ground against TYRANNY. BUT you can’t do it with 200 or 300 people….and especially when they cut and run in fear, leaving 20-32 behind.  This is Cowardly. “I am worried about being arrested, that I will lose my business.” Well, SIR! You may not HAVE A business a year from now, if more like you cutt and run…….WOMEN were standing their ground the other day….while you jumped in your vehicles and left.

Look INTO The Past…for Women who Stood their Ground.

In studying history,  I found one woman that moved me.  A woman who had become widowed,  and found her daughters violated.  A woman who fought against Tyranny and believed in standing for and Fighting for what you believe it.  She took it a bit further, but regardless her courage was never in question.

One day, a Soldier complimented me by saying I was “Like a BOUDICA” ( Thank You, SSG Cruz)  Occasionally now, a friend will joking say “hey Boudica” 
I only wish I had her courage, and the strength to do more. I wish I could believe more in the People to Stand for Right, and not run in fear.  Leadership is not born, it is developed….and not by running when you know you are in the right.

Not like I have seen and experienced in Malheur  Oregon a few years ago, when Levoy was assassinated by Kate Brown and her OREGON State Troopers, with backup of the FBI and Mercenary’s called in. So called “Patriots,” going back to their home states and denying they had ever been in Oregon! Or like what so many of us saw and/or experienced,  in Salem Oregon on December 21, 2020. Oregon state Troopers, and other law enforcement, violating their OATH OF OFFICE, and violating the State  and US Constitutions…abusing the people and lying about whom started the incidents ( the Police)…while Kate Brown was seen walking by and smirking!   The Antifa standing by and filming……(“now its Your turn” was a comment heard).

BOUDICA was a Widowed/ Warrior Queen who defied the Romans and their patriarchy culture.  Boudica was progressive as a female Leader. She was someone who rallied the Britons to stand up- and follow her into a fight(s), for victory, and against Tyranny!

NOW,  we are dealing with a Deep State, a Globalist agenda, with most of the terrorist  in London and the UK….and throughout Europe….as well as Russia and China and Iran…-The worst are our very own Homegrown “Domestic” Terrorist right here at home. Many of whom we elected or had appointed to work for and serve “WE THE PEOPLE.”  It has gone to their heads, from both sides of the aisle…..and they are now, so many of them…self serving.


2019 and Beyond.

We people know that all those in America are not perfect. We are aware that behind the scenes at all levels of business are wheeling and dealings going on. But to Attack our President for in the Past being of less then perfect character….and make excuses for other Presidents because “at least he was impeached” is just plain wrong. President Trump is not perfect but as far as we know he has not dirted the White House and under the Desk in the Oval office.

When I turn on a conservative news channel… and hear them presenting the pros and cons to anything…and offering up commentary from both Democratic s, “progressives” and Marxist socialist…And then the CNN and MSNBC that only lies, spins the true narratives and bashes our President and all Freedom loving American’s. Medicare “For all?” Who has paid into it? Anyone crossing the border ( especially illegally) should have medicare, Welfare….and by their illegally gotten voting…that can change the course of our state and Federal laws?

The Take over of America has been going on since the late 1860’s and our “REPUBLIC” is under siege.

STAND with me…with Us….to find non violent ways of calling out the alert and trying to engage your families, neighbors and friends in becoming more active. THIS 2020 is a serious election year. WE Need EVERYONE TO VOTE….who is legally in the right to do so. IF you suspect someone is voting illegally, turn them in. Contact your state government…..demand fair voting practices. WE are a REPUBLIC…not a MARXIST country of Bernie Sanders and AOC’s dream…