And NOW? 2019 and Beyond

We people know that all those in America are not perfect. We are aware that behind the scenes at all levels of business are wheeling and dealings going on. But to Attack our President for in the Past being of less then perfect character….and make excuses for other Presidents because “at least he was impeached” is just plain wrong. President Trump is not perfect but as far as we know he has not dirted the White House and under the Desk in the Oval office.

When I turn on a conservative news channel… and hear them presenting the pros and cons to anything…and offering up commentary from both Democratic s, “progressives” and Marxist socialist…And then the CNN and MSNBC that only lies, spins the true narratives and bashes our President and all Freedom loving American’s. Medicare “For all?” Who has paid into it? Anyone crossing the border ( especially illegally) should have medicare, Welfare….and by their illegally gotten voting…that can change the course of our state and Federal laws?

The Take over of America has been going on since the late 1860’s and our “REPUBLIC” is under siege.

STAND with me…with Us….to find non violent ways of calling out the alert and trying to engage your families, neighbors and friends in becoming more active. THIS 2020 is a serious election year. WE Need EVERYONE TO VOTE….who is legally in the right to do so. IF you suspect someone is voting illegally, turn them in. Contact your state government…..demand fair voting practices. WE are a REPUBLIC…not a MARXIST country of Bernie Sanders and AOC’s dream…