American Surprise Welcome Home!

One can’t begin to express the joy of seeing your loved one home safe in your arms, one more time. Having served overseas…..and being greeted back home on my return by loved ones and family, are feelings that last a lifetime. Once a Upon a time….I myself was a  new (and first time) military wife who went through my first deployment at home.  Its different being on the receiving end. A totally different perspective. Grateful I was, it was only 6 months.  Shortly after the deployment began, I was raising two little ones, finding out I was pregnant and in college; and serving part time in uniform.  I had also been a ombudsman. I tried to make the time go more quickly by taking in babysitting for parents of the Army, Navy and Marine corps that had to work evening and graveyard shifts. I was running three Cub scout dens and a Brownie troop every week.  Nights though, were long and sometimes you felt so alone and overwhelmed. The kids felt it as well…..

We were making cookies and goodies and sending care packages overseas on the VP airlift runs.   Many months later I was there with the other families greeting our men and women home. These video’s can only scratch the surface of the feelings and emotions of seeing your woman or man in uniform come home.  Keep a box of Kleenex handy and share the joys of life begin anew!

Please get your community to write letters and send care packages throughout the year, not just at holidays.  It can mean the world of difference to your loved ones or other service men and women you may not yet know,  serving overseas!

Thank You!                                                                                                                                                             MrM