ALL American LIVES MATTER!- Ranchers and Patriots for Constitutional Restoration


“RANCHERS AND PATRIOTS FOR CONSITUTIONAL RESTORATION……We all know that Rancher Lives Matter, and so do the lives of farmers, loggers, miners, land owners, businessmen, fathers, mothers, families, pastors, priests, rabbis, Patriots, and ALL citizens. This is a political action group to bring about that change. Any video about a financial opportunity of any kind will not be tolerated to be posted in this group from this time forward unless it comes through me first. Jeanette Finicum has approved the name of this group as a replacement for Rancher Lives Matter. We have a more true to our cause name now and we will run with it.”

5 June 2017

 NOTE:   Originally we had a video of the 14 year old teenager Royce Mann when he was invited by “The Preachers,” to rap how “All Lives Matter…..” This was a follow up from his debut and a follow-up poem to his viral standout “White Boy Privilege”

Obviously he may be sheltered from seeing the violence of both whites and blacks on the far left, against conservatives who share a different perspective. They appear to believe that violence and steamrolling over others is the norm.  We wonder how many of these people grew up in “Privilege” or went to private schools?  Yet, they are the ones screaming down Capitalism and yelling “Fascists.”

The apparent cowardice of Administrators and other faculty staff, who appeared afraid of their own students. They decided to go along to get along and are calling for his removal.

( This story is still developing)

Again, back to liberal politically correct. We are back where the Right are peacefully giving speeches, and behaving while the majority of the left are doing the complete opposite.

We See how left wing Liberals are attacking conservatives, throwing bricks and destroying property as they do every May Day. This happened June 4, Sunday in Portland.

5 June 2017

In Portland OREGON people were told by left wing liberals that they had no right to “Free Speech,” to support Trump or conservative Ideas.  You were literally in danger in Portland this weekend, especially if you are conservative.  The far Left shouted and screamed, and aggressively attacked anyone who is not conceding to their will and beliefs. They even threatened the Police.  Sunday, supporters of Trump were surrounded by violent demonstrators with knives and brass Knuckles and Axes; which were confiscated by law enforcement.

The Rally was peaceful by the supporters of Trump. They were however shouted over by some Union Members and peace activists.  Anarchists, wearing ski masks, wanted a fight with police and Trump supporters. They tried to instigate a violent confrontation, but the peaceful rally attendees, held back, weary that they may have to defend themselves from serious harm. These Liberal Protesters, are the same ones who cause property damage every May Day.  The  Violent left often tries to shut down free speech. Joey Gibson…a conservative promoter from Washington state, said there was no hate speech on the Trump supporters side. But much hate speech from the left,  and the leftist were trying to ” provoke and get the right to get physical.” The Rally was ” to Promote Freedom in one of the most Liberal cities. ”  Protesters threw bricks at Portland Police and Peaceful ” Right” Rally promoters.  Gibson said this is not about racism or social Justice…but about making Government smaller.  He admitted that they were outnumbered about  2 or 3 to One, and that it was “the largest Conservative Rally in the history of Portland.”

When Jesse Damiani states that by conservatives saying “ALL Lives Matter, ” that those conservatives are “Racist.” Or when young Royce Mann stresses how those of color are still being treated unequally…then all we have to do is look to Evergreen College in Washington state, or the Left Liberals and the Anarchists with faces covered, who were creating the most violence…..

It is clear that they are of the opinion that conservatives don’t have the same rights that they feel entitled to .