update: Racism, Violence and – the “New Free Speech Movement”



Update :07 October 2017

Just informed yesterday, ( could not find it on the controlled Far Left mainstream media)..but found on OAN and Newsmax:

A “White” Professor at UC Berkeley ( “Berzerkly”) California is being ordered by students to stop teaching at the campus.  UC Berkeley is now being ‘run’ by the students? His crime? He is White. Students in his class are “Demanding” to have the midterm as a take home exam. If they do not get their way, they will refuse to take the exam.  They are also demanding that he be fired because of being “White.”
We are sure there is more to this story and will continue research and updates.  For those far left who start yelling about the above commentary, and “Facts,” a phone video was taken of Inside the classroom that depicted the above.


17 September

Today is National Constitution Day. This day, also my “birth” day…reminds me that each of us is a significant part of this nation. And the birthing of this nation is a evolution, on ongoing process.

As I am reminded of the Birth of our Nation, I am also reminded of just how fragile life is, and how fragile our remaining liberties and freedoms are.

I was in the Veterinary hospital one day and found a magazine titled “Alive.” I felt it was a catchy title and picked it up.  It is published in Contra Costa County, in California right outside San Francisco.  This magazine is by subscription, and has articles that are wonderful and with a variety of topics.  The other night I found myself at 130 am in the morning back at the same hospital with my mothers little dog. I found the September edition of “Alive” with a picture of Mahatma Gandi and being a college graduate who loved studying him I of course HAD to have this issue.  They were giving away free issues so I took mine back to Moms and found an article written by Troy D. Worden, a student at UC Berkeley.

The topic was in line with what THIS posting today is all about.

Our country is under attack from not just outside but from within. We are being betrayed by some of our own countrymen/women. Our freedoms of  personal individual thoughts, and of freedom of speech, are two very basic rights EVERY Human being should feel safe to carry within. Yet others believe that they can strip us of our basic freedoms. Why?

They are afraid. I am of the personal belief that this is what motivates so many people to behave and respond to outside stimuli the way they do.  Many have their own demons. It is those inner demons that become the voices spurring them to violate the rights of others.

They do not seem to get that you can not force others to think or feel or do what you do, by violent speech or acts of intimidation or violence.  When they do this, what happens as a result is usually the complete opposite.

On one hand, we may understand some of the concerns and fears of the white supremacists, but not how they act out their anger and frustration.  The neo nazi’s have the feeling that they alone are the supreme, the top dog.  Anyone that does not subscribe to their views or life’s definition(s), they believe has no place IN this country. If you are not white then you are beneath them. This kind of racism has no place in a polite society espousing equality.

They say they believe in the Constitutions of the country and their respective States.  They are hypocritical as they degrade those of color, and scream their antisemitism rhetoric. The Bill of Rights and the Preamble of the Constitution is intended to encompass all, regardless of race or creed.

Many radical groups use the ‘Freedom of Speech,’ as a way to take away others freedom of expression, thought, and speech. They abuse the very rights of others in order to be the only ones speaking and being heard.

The Antifah definition is “anti-fascism is opposition to fascist ideologies, groups and individuals.” (dictionary.babylon-software.com/antifa/) Another definition out of the oxford dictionary is that it is “a radical political movement that  opposes fascism and other forms of extreme right-wing authoritarianism.”

Are they men and women who are rebelling against the establishment, while at the same time upholding all these very ultra-politically correct views? Why is it that the college in Washingon (Evergreen college) does not allow a student free speech because she is white?



What if a teacher at a institution of ‘higher learning’ is told that he is too white, too conservative or not liberal enough. The students want him or her removed?

Liberal Students Take Over College, Faculty “Not Safe”, Situation Ongoing

 Students at the minuscule liberal arts school in the Pacific Northwest have taken it upon themselves to forcefully seize control of the school’s library, barricading themselves inside, in what began as a protest and has devolved into an attempted coup.”

The War on Free Speech Turns Further Left

I was born in Berkeley and raise in the suburbs only 30 Minutes from U.C. Berkeley. I am ashamed of what that University has become in the last 25 years. For those that were not born yet, or are not up on their history…U.C. Berkeley was once much talked about as an example of free thought, freedom of speech and expression. And freedom of the Press was a given.

It is common knowledge that across the United States of America the First amendment is under attack/ assault on our college/university campuses.  Universities like U.C. Berkeley need to re prove their loyalty  to the American people, to what they once were so proud to hold as one of their traditions. That of Freedom of Speech, and Thoughts. More and more people are being physically injured and even killed by radicals with and without facial coverings.

As Troy D. Worden, the President of a U.C. Berkeley organization, stated so clearly; “More tests, more trials and tribulations must follow before U.C. Berkeley can prove its commitment to keeping the United States Constitutions and we the people-its students Safe.” (9/2017 “Alive”)

When Heather, peacefully protesting- was killed weeks ago by another demonstrator who mowed her down with a car; I remember feeling such grief, and Love for her family and friends. I did not understand all she was there for, nor what the opposing demonstrators were doing.  But regardless, there is no justification to the violence enacted towards others, regardless of their beliefs OR Convictions that may be opposite of ours.

“…maintaining nonviolent discipline involves a complex set of strategic interactions between protesters, campaign leaders, and government authorities – including the degree to which activists prepare and train to absorb government repression over the long haul, the ways in which activists structure their campaigns, and their ability to mitigate against emergent internal divisions along the way.”  Jonathan Pinckney is a PhD candidate 

Why Do Peaceful Protests “Turn Violent”?

In the September 2017 magazine “Alive” (aliveeastbay.com), the front cover has the quote by Mahatma Gandhi.  “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”