ABOUT “Maggie ROSE “

Minute Man“Maggie Rose,”  was born on America’s Constitution Day“(Sept 17), int0 a family that has roots to a  Great-Grandfather who fought in the “Battle of Hastings” in 1066. Another Great-grandfather Sir Thomas Hinton, (England), was Co-Founder of Jamestown colony in Virginia.

His grandson Vachel, (Maggie’s 5x grGF,)  was a soldier and colonial American Patriot, who served in the Revolutionary War with the Virginia Militia.

One of her Heroines is Boudica, warrior queen of the Iceni people , in 1st century CE. . Maggie has Said that ” A woman needs to know when to bend like a Willow tree, and stand Straight and Firm as an Oak Tree; not compromising on your convictions.”  Maggie believes that in Boudica’s situation, it can often be seen or be generalized as a ” fight for freedom from a tyrannical force”


“Maggie Rose”  is originally from Contra Costa County Ca, growing up in the shadow of San Francisco. She started over twenty-five years ago, by broadcasting an hour a day as a show host/broadcaster from Concord, California; with
The Concord Hour” she named for the ‘Battle of Concord/Lexington.’ The Studio was located in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Maggie watched her mother, (a former model and actor) raise 5 kids as a single mother for a while, and attend College as well as help support the family through teaching, Piano instruction, and as an author.

Maggie’s adoptive father later taught her courage, and that Love goes beyond   blood ties.

Later in Life she realized that it also can include those of color or different cultural lifestyles.  “The Majority of us in the Military did not see the color of another’s skin. We were Brothers and Sisters. We were (extended) “Family.”

 “Life is the School and Love is the Lesson”

Her gr, Great Grandfather  “I.M. ” made and delivered Ice to General Grant and his people during the 1863 campaign.

Maggie had two gr-Great Grandfathers who fought on both sides during the American Civil War, and two grandfathers in World War I & WW2.

Maggie’s maternal Grandfather served in varied services and under General Chennault  and “Pappy Boyington” who was initially a US Marine Corps aviator.  Maggie’s Grandfather was with “Pappy” and the Flying Tigers as part of the Support crew. George Benson Jaeger was famously referred to as


Two fathers served  in the Army and Marines during the Korean Conflict, so Maggie has a full appreciation of her family history, and the price of freedom.

Maggie learned the need for working with young people and with her husband volunteered with “HOBY,”– founded by her  paternal Uncle ( and former Marine and actor), Hugh Charles “O’Brian”- she firmly believes High School students need more exposure to innovative ideas.

Maggie has a venturing spirit, perhaps coming from her maternal distant Norwegian cousin Roald E.G. Amundsen, the first explorer to discover the South Pole.

Maggie volunteered for Active Duty service following high school. She is the first and only woman on either side of her family to join up.  She was in one of the last graduation classes of the “Women’s Army Corps” (WAC). Following basic training, at Fort Jackson SC she entered combat medic training (91B/68W) at Fort Sam Houston, (San Antonio) Texas.

She volunteered for Vietnam to help with the pullout of our injured military and to assist with “Operation Baby-lift,”  for  its AMERASIAN Children, but was re-routed elsewhere in South East Asia, where she was when Nam fell.

The stories of the attacks on Ruby Ridge and in Waco; involved many  she knew. This motivated her to research and ask the hard questions, that only some were waking up and asking.

When Maggie majored in the  Constitution and US and World History, it was with a goal of teaching the real history, not the whitewash or re-written history that ‘progressives’ spout. Her support of Homeschooling was borne out of this.

She was a Brownie leader with GSA, and a cub scout den mother (BSA). She and her husband went on to become assistant Boy Scout leaders, and support “Order of the Arrow.”

Maggie Has been known to work with many varied cultures and ethnic Diversity, which was one of the retreats she was chosen to attend at a local college when going back as a “non Traditional Student.” She served as a Junior college senator, as well as tutoring students where English was a second Language.

Her former show the “Concord Hour”- 25 years ago, was heard five days a week and was what gave her the inspiration to Educate and Inspire people to remember their history, and to stand up for the Principles our Founding Fathers fought and even died for.

She was a volunteer and free-lance journalist for such as the “Stars and Stripes,” American Free Press (formally“Spotlight”), as well as the Roseburg Beacon. Maggie still volunteers in many areas including BSA, and veterans groups.

Maggie and her husband are a life members of Veterans of Foreign Wars; and Life members of the Vietnam Veterans Association. As Vietnam Era veterans,  they support those who incurred challenges borne from their service, in country.

Her husband a retired career soldier, served 29 years in varied military forces. He also comes from a military family of a Grandfather WWI, and his own father WWII, (Army/ Air corps and later Air force).

Maggie, a motivational Speaker.… is in the process of writing two books now, that she is retired from varied military forces, with over 35 years of military service to her country.

She writes as a Free Lance journalist for the “American Free Press” and on occasion  for “Redoubt News.”

Supporting Free Thought and Speech, she supports platforms such as 107daily.com

Genealogy and History are two of Maggie’s Passions. She is very vocal about non GMO’s.

Among other varied Cultural/Country- Family links…on the Irish side- Family  down from the McGraths:  Maggie is related to the O’Leary’s, Flynn’s, Byrne’s, Kehoe’s & Murphy’s among others-    Maggie comes from a family of Immigrants from Ireland, Canada, England, France, Germany, Norway, as well as Austria & Scotland (Munro/Monroe).
More recent it was found MAGGIE is a descendant from North American indigenous tribe of the Lanape/Delaware tribes (1600’s), in New Jersey off Goose Creek/River now renamed for her Great Grandfather Thomas Luker. “Tom’s River”
Thomas was from England and married an Indian princess of a Chieftain. Their son Thomas Luker Jr married another Indian Princess who’s parents are Chief Carl Red Cloud and Queen Redwing.

write to Maggie Rose McGrath at:  thenewconcordhourwithmaggie@hotmail.com

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The Picture above of the Patriot Soldier,is Captain John Parker, born July 13, 1729 –died September 17, 1775, who was A mechanic and soldier, American colonial farmer and colonial militia officer who commanded the Lexington colonial Militia at the Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775.

Maggie Rose’s “Concord Show” is named for the Battles of Concord and Lexington, when in April 1775, British troops were sent to Confiscate Colonial weapons.


Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

“The First Amendment allows citizens to express and to be exposed to a wide range of opinions and views. It was intended to ensure a free exchange of ideas even if the ideas are unpopular.

Freedom of speech encompasses not only the spoken and written word, but also all kinds of expression (including non-verbal communications, such as sit-ins, art, photographs, films and advertisements). Under its provisions, the media — including television, radio and the Internet — is free to distribute a wide range of news, facts, opinions and pictures. The amendment protects not only the speaker, but also the person who receives the information. The right to read, hear, see and obtain different points of view is a First Amendment right as well.” (Taken from: The National Constitution Center)

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