Widow of Murdered Rancher : Speaks out– And the Political assassination of Robert “Levoy” Finicium

Personal Note:  The  20th of January 2016, Levoy’s last words to my husband and I was echoed in Chorus of the Bundy’s and Patriot supporters. After the conclusion of the “Stand” for Freedom- they would come to our old family property and Gold Mine in CA; and take a stand there against the Abuses of the BLM.  Levoy never got that chance. We will continue to stand for Justice for ALL Americans including Miners, Loggers, Ranchers and Farmers……as this family and others have stated- “ALL LIVES MATTER!”                     “Maggie Rose McGrath”   (ds)

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Interview conducted January 2017


From:   https://www.onecowboystandforfreedom.com/assassination-of-lavoy/

” The Political Assassination of LaVoy Finicum”

” Whether or not you believe LaVoy Finicum did the RIGHT THING
by exercising his 1st and 2nd amendments rights
to petition the Government for a redress of grievances
in Burns, Oregon,
January of 2016,

I am now stepping forward to publicly ask:


Who are we as HUMAN BEINGS?

Do we now believe that mere WORDS
justify the use of DEADLY FORCE?

Do we believe that PEACEFUL ACTIONS
justify the use of DEADLY FORCE?

Do we believe that TWO HANDS UP in SURRENDER
justifies the use of DEADLY FORCE?

And do we believe that following the rule of law
the United States Constitution

warrants the use of DEADLY FORCE?

If we do,





Published on Jun 7, 2016           ( Following the January 2016 US and OR state Assassination of her rancher Husband Levoy.)
Jeanette Finicum traveled to Plains, Montana in support of recently released political POW, Jake Ryan.  Please take time to watch the heart-wrenching account of her life with LaVoy, and the last thing he said to her before he left for Oregon