Travesty of Justice

We have been following the trials and jumping between three states when possible.

They are going after many journalist and reporters, and especially the alternative (no spin) media, for exposing truths that many don’t want you to see. They hope you will go back to your video games and keyboard warrior complaints. They want you to be dumbed down, and lured into a false sense of security. They want you to collapse after a hard day at work, too tired to do much then perhaps pick up your child and put them to bed….Certainly they don’t want you to step forward and redress (grievances) to your local, state OR heaven forbid….Federal Employees who work For You!

We are suppose to put up and ‘Shut Up!’

It is heartbreaking to see what the state and federal government employees are willing to do, to make a case…a name for themselves. Their careers and advancements are more important then the lives they are destroying.

Across this country, real criminals are walking around free, or let go due to under staffing or lack of funds. And Political Prisoners, in order to shut them up…are locked away from their children and spouses in order to insure that others won’t stand up to corrupt state and federal officials that are stealing our homes, lands, livelihoods and savings.

They are laughing in our face when we speak about the Constitution. When we quote “Due Process.”

This situation in Portland is far from over.  The Prosecution wants more skin. And while we are watching the statutory system at its worse, in Portland with judge Anna Brown; we also see the same scene playing out with judge Gloria Navarro in Las Vegas Nevada. Both these women are trying to make a name for themselves in these infamous trials. Tax payers monies are being thrown away in order for the Governments to save face.  They do WHATEVER It takes to have a “98% Conviction rate,” by any and all means possible. If they have to lie or cheat they do.  Men in Nevada speaking for the prosecution, appear to have been prompted to cry on cue on stand in order to emotionally manipulate the jury. The trial for the 2014 Bundy and “We The People,” standoff…was because we had crooked Official’s from Nevada to the Secretary of State…. all the way to the Senate and the White House.

The People said “NO MORE!”  It was a peaceful protest, but we saw them tazing, and turning dogs on women and children.  We saw them grabbing grandmothers and swinging them and tossing them face down on the ground. Men being jumped and beat up for taking pictures….When does it end?

We are losing our country to a New World “order” of corruption and greed. We the People, are what they consider the surfs. No Longer are you Innocent until proven ( beyond a reasonable doubt) guilty.