A pen IS Mighter then a Sword.

The other day, someone asked me if I am afraid. “You should be afraid Maggie. There are some really bad people out there.”  I thought about this and came to the realization that so many times over ones life…many of us are afraid, whether we admit it to ourselves or others. You can choose to be afraid or not. Fear is a choice. I for one…I choose Not to be afraid.

I want to believe…..I need to believe in the over all goodness of people.

I am concerned. I am Worried.  I am disgusted and I am ashamed of what this country is coming to.  When I see White Supremacists/ neo Nazi and their violence, along with other violent groups like “ANTIFA” or even some in “Black Lives Matter,” I come to realize that only they matter to themselves.  The NWO/Globalist are at it again. They create and generate upheaval and violence.

The cabal and NWO and others are trying to create racial division and upheaval. They are trying to cause race wars.  Now, it is discovered that not only two windows were broken out on the 32nd floor of Las Vegas; but also on other floors. Pictures are reflecting floors 4, 10 and 16 appear to have been compromised.  Some are saying this is a “True” conspiracy.

The other night we were at a fast food restaurant and some commented they believe the CIA is involved. Of course this goes against their mission statement. It was used, others believe, as a detraction and to cause people to think about other things.

“HRH” Ms. H.R. Clinton once said, “Never waste a good Crisis.”   She mentions below, that this was the view of the former “Chief of Staff of former Pres B. Obama.

She says, ” When it comes to a economic  crises,” adding: “don’t waste it when it can have a very positive change on climate change and energy security and that is what we are trying to do.” 

Does she really think we believe that it will end there?

They use tragedies, committed by those who are unstable as reason to jump on the 2nd amendment bandwagon, to erode away more and more of all our rights.  Allowing other religions to practice their beliefs in federally funded public schools, but banning Bible classes OR Clubs, and Prayer in those same schools.

They tear down and destroy and manipulate, so they can get rich going in and rebuilding and doing their best at social engineering. They incite riots and even Pay people to allow themselves to be bused in to create incidents. George Soros is one of the heads of this. Over and over again we have found that if you follow the money, you have the likes of George and Hillary and others AT THE HELM.

Whether it is POUS Trump tweeting …whether it is people in his administration trying to keep things calm… we KNOW that calmer heads need to prevail.  We need to go to sleep at night Knowing that those in charge are going to assure a checks and balance is in place.

Traveling as I did a few weeks ago by car across the United States through the heartland of America, I met farmers and ranchers who stated, that now even those EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI ARE UNDER ATTACK BY “DEQ and BLM.”   They are scared and on edge to see that we are losing our country to “Progressives” and Liberals.  “Progressive” does not mean advancement, in its definition. Their progression is to erode away as many of our rights as they can, to exert more power over our day to day lives, while ‘they’ the elitist sit back and enjoy their lives at our expense.

I have friends and others who are violently opposed to listening to the other sides.  They take on the ‘don’t confuse me with the FACTS, my mind is made up!’ Some of them are so violently opposed to any redeeming facts about some players in Washington DC that they will shout and yell us down, steamrolling over us to make a point.
This and worse is what happened the other day in Virginia.  It is heart wrenching to see how inhuman some people got.  They became like rabid dogs and violent for violence sake.  Our hearts break for the families of those two killed in the line of duty, those in critical care from being mowed down by a angry driver, and especially the family of the woman killed by him and his car.

Antifa is taking up Baseball bats and stalking and threatening conservative students at UC Berkeley and elsewhere.

Violence in Portland Oregon, Virginia or elsewhere has no place in a otherwise polite society.  This is not who we are as American’s. We CAN Have a peaceful Revolution. We need to be more willing to sit down and talk and try to come to some kind of conflict resolution.

I STILL Believe…..mRm