A LETTER TO HER MAJESTY about VACCINES! – 27 Feb 2021 (posted)

Albert Burgess wrote a letter to the Queen – Exclusive Scoop

Albert Burgess Letter to the Alleged holder of the office of Sovereign. See what you think!?

HRH Queen Elizabeth II Albert Burgess
Windsor Castle 15 Parliament Road
Windsor Thame
Berkshire South Oxfordshire
26th February 2021

Ref Covid 19 vaccination

I am in all things your faithful servant prepared if necessary to die in your service; in the past whilst serving you in the office of special constable I have risked my life in support of your coronation oath to rule us according to our ancient laws and customs. I told Lord Condon then that as I was not being paid to get killed I reserved the right to decide how when and if I got killed. This still applies today.

Majesty you have I believe said that those of your subjects who anti vaccination should not be selfish and be vaccinated so that covid 19 can be eradicated. You have I believe equated covid 19 to the Black Death. I can only believe that is what government has told you and it is a lie. The plague killed one in three, Covid 19 has not killed anything like that number.

The figure of 120 000 dead is itself a lie government have cooked the books so that anyone who dies within 28 days of a positive test for the virus has their death recorded as a covid death even if they were run over and killed by a bus. Government for their own ends have been pushing project fear don’t hug granny or you will kill her. As well as the look into their eyes add which is no more than emotional blackmail for the weak minded.

Over the eight years previous to 2020 between 11000 to 26,000 people died from ordinary flu last year less than 400 were recorded as dying from flu. The same goes for deaths from pneumonia from around 37,000 to virtually none being recorded in 2020, so far this year not one person has died from flu. If we take the combined flu and pneumonia deaths add them together and subtract them from the 120,000 alleged covid deaths that nearly halves the covid deaths, take away the unknown number who died from treatable but untreated terminal illnesses and covid deaths dwindle to nothing.

Now I had the very great honour to serve you in the office of constable that gives me a pre-disposition to believe nothing I am told unless I can prove it myself. (It’s a coppering thing) Now let’s look at who is pushing vaccines?

The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP Minister of Health has 75% of shares in a company making vaccines he holds these shares by virtue of being minister of health all profits are paid to the NHS however pushing vaccines makes money for the NHS and that makes him look good.

Professor Chris Witty chief medical officer accepted a £31.000 000 grant for research from Bill Gates who has made it clear he wants to vaccinate the world. Professor Whitty is under a financial obligation to Bill Gates and like Bill Gates is pushing vaccination.

Professor Patrick Vallance has £600.000 worth of shares in Glaxo Smith Kline which is making Vaccines. He also received a grant of £35,000 000 from Bill Gates for research he received a further grant in company with Glaxo Smith Kline of £65,000 000 for research from Bill Gates. Professor Vallance is under a financial obligation to Bill Gates.

I believe the SAGE committee has 13 members not all medical people who are pushing vaccination. Yet there are over 64,000 highly qualified Drs World wide who have signed the Great Barrington declaration saying that governments world wide are over reacting to covid 19 and that heard immunity is a far better method of containing covid 19 than an experimental vaccine. So with the 15 members of SAGE including Vallance and Whitty who have a financial obligation to Bill I want to vaccinate the world Gates who is not medically qualified to stick a plaster on a cut. As against 64,000 eminent clinicians world wide and growing.

Majesty your government have locked down every one of your subjects illegally, to be told to stay at home except for a few limited excuses government lay down on pain of a fine or worse is unlawful imprisonment. Majesty you swore an oath to rule us according to our ancient laws and customs I took an oath to you and before God that I would uphold your laws to the best of my ability without favour, fear, malice or ill will. Unlawful imprisonment is an offence at common law. I am obliged by my oath to you to do my utmost to restore the rule of your Majesty’s law.

Majesty whilst serving as a constable I became aware of just how much loneliness impacts your subjects, the London Ambulance service over a four month period attended over 5000 extra above average suicides or attempted suicides, this will be reflected across the Kingdom. These deaths are a direct result of an extra enforced loneliness and the closure of shops pubs and restaurants. It is a definition of murder that if you take a decision to do or not do something some one dies that is murder; if you take that decision through stupidity that is a definition of manslaughter either way they are offences carrying an authority to arrest. I cannot see Hancock, Vallance or Whitty admitting to stupidity. Yet these people your subjects killed themselves as a direct and foreseeable result of an illegal lock down.

The wearing of cloth face masks is not only a complete waste of time they do not even keep out dust let alone an infinitely smaller virus. What they do, do is trap carbon dioxide inside the mask which is an exhaled poison which when you re-breath it in causes bacterial pneumonia which has jumped alarmingly. Your subjects have had forty years of brain washing so you see them walking down the road with no one near them. Or driving a car wearing one with no one else in the car.

Majesty you are the supreme governor of England from where all your other titles supremacies and superiorities flow from, you are first and foremost Queen of England. You are the mother of England we are your children. Government operate in your name what you cannot do by law your government cannot legally do. Yet you have overseen a felonious assembly in Parliament. Majesty your thinking subjects those not brainwashed are totally sick to death of being governed by a criminal enterprise. Feelings are running high. Majesty you are the law in your Kingdom I am requesting you instruct the Commissioner of the Metropolis to carry out a full criminal enquiry into the actions of the cabinet and their advisors. And that every chief constable investigates every death attributed to covid a great many of your subjects with life threatening illnesses have died after being refused treatment in case they caught Covid and in case covid killed them. Yet they died from illnesses like cancer which were caught in the early stages when treatable.

Majesty many of your subjects have worked hard to build up a small business many have debts to banks or finance companies they have been forced to remain closed they are loosing their livelihoods and in some cases their homes through no fault of their own, and if they stay open they get fined. Majesty if the lock down is as it is unlawful imprisonment the fines are also unlawful and amount to state sponsored theft.

The National Audit Office and the British Medical Journal both highly respected organizations have accused government of fraud over their response to covid 19.

Majesty your natural born subjects are the most tolerant in the world never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would hear them talking rebellion but they are, and your law not only allows it but insists on it. In the event or riots felonious assembly or invasion all your subjects are required by the common law to arm them selves if necessary to put down the riot, felonious assembly or invasion. That is a clear duty your subjects have to protect your Majesty’s person and your Kingdom.
Respectfully submitted your most loyal subject.

Albert Burgess