A Hypocrisy imitating from HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES- Gun Violence

5 October Posting

I grew up with watching a blood relative play a cowboy ridding his town of what we call thugs and criminals today.

Gun fights were common in Cowboy movies. But it was nothing like our society is now subjected to, on the TV and large screen…and in our video games.

Here we have after every shooting, Hollywood celebrities coming out screaming for gun control, gun confiscation; and many saying only police and military should carry. Yet these same entertainers and late night TV talk show host and comedians, themselves have concealed carry or bodyguards with them carrying guns.

Hollywood celebs are making millions in the movies portraying violence. This to me is insane.  DO As I say, but not as I do (or portray).

Although I may not own guns, who am I to state that others have no right to defend themselves? Or to state that only the ‘beautiful’ people  should have more 2nd amendment rights then the less wealthy or privileged?

There was a letter/ list  that was signed by many actors supporting gun control.

From an article in Channel 4, written by Jenna Susko and Matt Schrader was started with the comment:

With several films featuring gun violence up for Academy Awards, does Hollywood have a hypocrisy problem?”

“We found many celebrities calling for change are themselves involved in violent entertainment.

Horrifying scenes not much different from the ones at Columbine or Sandy Hook have been brought to the big screen.

After two massacres in Hollywood’s own backyard, celebrities are calling for change.

But does Hollywood have any responsibility?

“What they’re producing is not real, but the emotion that it creates are real,” said Tim Winter, president of the Parents Television Council. “It’s a blatant double standard.”

“Entertainment has never been shown to cause any shootings, but there is concern from some that it’s glorifying or even normalizing gun violence.”

But Winter, of the Parents Television Council, sees a problem: 75 percent of the actors signing that list have taken roles in films depicting or glorifying gun violence.

  • “Hollywood is addicted to gun violence because it’s so lucrative,” Winter said.

Winter said Hollywood can be a powerful tool for social change, and points to shows like “Will & Grace” and films like “Philadelphia.”

He said that proves the entertainment industry can change attitudes about gun violence too.

The rest of the article is here:


OR how about this You Tube video accurately displaying some of the Hypocrite Celebs