A COUNTRY in Decline



The system is suppose to be about “DUE PROCESS!”

The US Constitution has been violated over and over in courts across the land!

Just got off the phone with my Friend Gary Hunt. Prior to that I was on the phone with Jason Patrick’s sister Kelly, as well as a reporter friend up in Northern OR, and later John Lamb. Following this I was on the phone with Angie Bundy.

It is the consensus that we as a country are in trouble.  The Judicial system is corrupt.  Despite the views of Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch, that Judges are not political…I will have to respectfully disagree.

We have two “Judges,” in Anna Brown and Gloria Navarro, who have been so badly corrupted by the indoctrination of the current federal establishment that they are blinded as to the truth.  IS Justice Blind?  Are we really tried by a jury of our peers?  Is the Judge there in those admiralty courts really doing their jobs?  The answers are  no…… no and NO!

Justice is suppose to be BALANCED…hence the ‘scales,’ that she holds!

A person is suppose to be innocent….unless PROVEN guilty based on All actual and Factual  evidence.  Not based on circumstantial evidence.  One is not suppose to be considered guilty by the prosecution…and then the prosecution and Judge refuses to allow all the witnesses  to come forward to present the truth. In Las Vegas Gloria Navarro is trying to ‘speed things up,’ in the trial of the Bundy’s and their supporters. She is doing the same thing that Anna Brown did. Disallowing witnesses by assuming they will all say the same thing.  Navarro has been assuming that the Lawyers will object to certain things….so she “Objects” for them.  She has been cutting witness’ for the defense off at the Ankles just as I as a Reporter/Journalist observed in Anna Browns courtroom.

When a senior lady refuses to stand for the jury, based on her religious and political views, and she gets thrown out of the courtroom. She is circled by numerous US Marshals and threatened, and then cited for a monetary amount. When Andrea Parker (Patriot Eric/husband), wears a necklace with a tiny bullet on it for weeks in the courtroom, witnessing the proceedings…and she gets suddenly thrown out.

The mention of, or subject of the Bible or the Constitution, is Disallowed IN Anna Brown’s and Gloria Navarro’s courtrooms.

When People can not smile or nod at each other…..Freedom of speech….freedom of Expression…..is dead.

My Friend and Spiritual Brother Jason Patrick and I don’t always agree on everything….but we do agree on one thing.  Many people are so busy taking care of ‘me, myself and I,’ that they have fallen asleep at the wheel. They are willing to allow others to fight for THEIR Rights, and for the Constitution. They are staying in the background where it is “safe.” They themselves are not willing to take a stand for what they say they believe in.  In my book….this is…well….I have a word for this; as I watch my friend go back to jail for causing no physical harm to a person. He was not conspiring to harm anyone or anything.

I watch the wives and children who have lost their fathers and grandfathers for over a year, while fighting for their personal property rights….wondering what planet we are on?

So many of our federal agencies are corrupt and self Serving.

Just a word to all of you, and you know who you are. When one’s rights are infringed on…it is an Infringement on the Rights of ALL!
An Attack on One or 40…..is an attack on us all.