A Brief BIO of “Maggie”

Radio host and Investigative Reporter

Maggie volunteered for Active Duty service, and was one of the last “Women’s Army Corps” (WAC) graduation classes. Basic training, at Fort Jackson SC ; and AIT medic training (91B/68W), Fort Sam Houston, (San Antonio) Texas. She attended various Officer training classes, and Graduated Army Finance School in Hawaii, later in her career.

Maggie, volunteered for Vietnam with the pullout of our injured military, and to assist with “Operation Baby-lift,” but was re-routed to South East Asia, Korea. Maggie, was assigned to the 121st Hospital and also 560th at Camp Howard.

Stories of the attacks on Ruby Ridge (and murders that followed), BATF attacks against innocent men, women and children (and their deaths) in Waco; involved many of her former co-workers/ colleagues, friends and soldiers. Maggie started researching, and became a volunteer investigative journalist.

She minored in Creative Writing and English with a major in History and the Constitution.

Maggie, was trained in various other military occupational skills (MOS’s). Inspired by her combat/ Medic training, she became a licensed Nurse. She was an Army instructor, & OC/E and taught CPR through the Armed Forces, and “American Heart Association.” Maggie, spent part of her career in the 347th USAR, 91st USAR and 100th Division, and other numerous Reserve, National Guard units ending with four more years Active Duty near the end of her career. One of the highlights in her Army career was to be on the Salute battery, especially during “Fleet Week” in San Francisco!

For the experience, Maggie was an extra in film, but her favorite was with Gary Sinise, Mare Winningham and Angelina Jolie in the ” George Wallace ” story. Do to its sensitive nature regarding the subject matter, the movie was filmed not in Alabama, but in Sacramento California. Maggie stresses “Tolerance” for all humans regardless of Ideology, Color or Creed…or no creed at all. Maggie believes in Listening to others regardless of personal beliefs or convictions.

Maggie was a Volunteer with many Youth groups.

Given the name “Maggie” by another renown national Radio Host, Maggie has hosted and co-hosted shows with Republic Radio International, Heritage Radio, Crusade Radio and TME. She has been on Coast to Coast, and an occasional guest on “Caravan to Midnight,” with John Wells.

Maggie was a Nurse volunteer at the mine, during the “Sugar Pine ” Stand for Due Process; as well as a boots on the ground, reporter during the Eastern Oregon Malheur Stand where her friend “Levoy” was murdered. She and her family supported the Political prisoners for their sacrifices and their stands for the Constitution, Natural born rights, land rights and freedoms being eroded away. Maggie was in Las Vegas in the courtroom, when Cliven Bundy et all, were released, and it was stated that their Constitutional Rights and due Process were violated.

She desires to continue Educating others and encourage them to stand up for the Principles our Founding Fathers instilled in a Foundling Country, and REPUBLIC!

Maggie served in various Reserve and National Guard units full-time and part time in three states, for 35 years while she raised five children,( her “greatest blessings”); returned to school and years later returning to Active duty as a soldier in the WWTU/CBTU! She was a volunteer, free-lance journalist for Local and National Papers. Maggie, believes to her core in volunteering , still volunteers where she sees a need around every corner . She has two books she hopes to finish one day, one a Autobiography and another a Non Fiction.