Facts about Vaccines




            from G. Edward Griffin                             

The docu-series called The Truth about Vaccines has been playing on the Internet for the past week, one episode per day. It is a ‘red pill’ that clears away the illusion of vaccine safety and exposes the reality of corruption in the vaccine industry and halls of government.

If you missed these broadcasts, you still have today – Sunday February 4 – to catch them all, and they are free.

If you have children in your family who are scheduled for vaccines of any kind, or if you are thinking of taking the flu shot, please – stop what you are doing – and sign in right now to see this series. Your health and the health of your loved ones – perhaps even their lives – depend  on knowing facts that, until now, have been hidden from the public. 

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This is not an academic debate. Not only are your children and grandchildren already being targeted for mandatory vaccinations, soon they will be coming after YOU.

  ~~ G. Edward Griffin 


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