News On Results of Portland Phase 2 Trial and the semi Retiring Anna Brown.

3/22/17    4:30 pm/pst

3rd hearing-(no jury allowed by “judge”)

Spoke to Jason Patrick’s family. It appears that today (judge) Anna Brown was going to decide on the misdemeanors that she and the prosecution decided to tack on the last four defendants.

She denied them a trial by jury on these “misdemeanors,” as is suppose to be afforded by law and our Constitution. “JUSTICE” was not served, nor fair or impartial by this court, (just as it is not in the current trial in Las Vegas Nevada in judge Gloria Navarro’s courtroom).

If one recalls, the federal government was very upset and vindictive about the Jury in the first trial in Fall 2016, of them giving the first group of defendants “Not Guilty” on all counts.

Here in the United States, the federal government usually considers a misdemeanor a small crime punishable with incarceration for one year or less, or a fine.  According to the internet’s ‘Findlaw,’ all ” Misdemeanors are generally punishable by a fine and incarceration in a local county jail, unlike infractions which impose no jail time.”

Jason Patrick showed up to find that the post/Pre Trial services were asking for a GPS tracking, ankle bracelet be placed on him. He felt this was a violation. He had never missed a court appearance. He was no flight risk.

“We object to the request of GPS monitoring,” said Andrew Kohlmetz, Patrick’s lawyer. Jason Patrick had made all  required court appearances. Jason Patrick was staying mostly with his sister and mother in Washington state, and had found some part time work. He had spent the past year preparing for his case. He had committed no new offenses.

Readers please Note: 

Anna Brown noted to the public that she felt there were many times that Patrick “simply refused to do what was directed,” citing late arrivals to his trial as the reason.

He had only been late ONE Time by TEN Minutes…when his train was late. When she asked why he did not call in, he told her he did not own a cell phone.  She basically insinuated him a liar in so many words, when he stated this. We the public, saw her again and again as rude and unprofessional in her handling the cases before her. Jason Patrick was always a gentleman.

On the one and Only time he was (10 min) late

 That same day….the Prosecution lawyer(s) and some jury members were late themselves…as much as an hour.

She was not consistent in her handling the cases before her in both trials. She was determined to help the prosecution at every turn, even when they were out of line or playing games in the court.

The “Judge” who handled the last two trials unprofessionally; would not allow they last four to be tried by a jury of their peers, for the “misdemeanors.”

Question:   Isn’t it interesting that these misdemeanors were never considered in the first group…but as ‘pay back,’ for the “Not Guilty” determination by the first jury. The US District Court in Portland, and the Prosecution lawyers were aggressive in their pursuit to get a better then their usual (by hook or crook manipulations in court) to 98% conviction rate re instated.

When the public is told that Judges are fair and impartial, and “non Political;” that they will remember the hundreds of “Judges” across the USA- who are anything but Neutral, fair or impartial…nor are they ‘Bi Partisan,’ and “Non Political.”

More on this and other details will be forthcoming.

Maggie Rose

3/10/2017            11:15 pm  PST

Second Portland Trial-Four Defendants w/different Jury.

Judge had passed out papers with only two boxes allowed to be marked.  1. Guilty    or  2.  Not Guilty

( Courts are NOT putting the third choice that should be given to the Jury-    “INNOCENT” Box)

2nd hearing- Different defendants/different jury) same charges……different Results.


Matt Shindler defense Attorney’s last year in first (Bundy) Portland, OR trial….. in Portland today…

John Lamb of Montana is live Streaming…..  you can find him on johnlamblastfreeman….

Reported to us first hand….by John Lamb and Family by Phone.

Lets hope they are able financially, or willing to appeal these “convictions.”

Lets Pray for our political prisoners and Defendants, Both in Portland and in the Trial still ongoing in Las Vegas Nevada. Both Judges Anna Brown ( Portland) and Gloria M Navarro have made it most difficult to put up the evidence and witness’s that would have refuted much of what the Prosecution has put out. The news media has been remiss….in not putting forth any real information; No longer of interest to them. No interest in Land Theft of the People….or abuses by our Local, State and Federal Agencies.